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by doughmesstic on December 11, 2010

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Need some more gift ideas? Look no farther.  I’ve done some of the work for you – using the colors of the rainbow. (Yeah, I know, there is a difference between blue & indigo, but just go with it.)

Some of these things I already own (The Kitchenaid Mixer and the Le Creuset Dutch Oven, for example) and the others – well, I thought they were just too cool not to mention.  From kitchenware to electronics, to travel essentials, to modern decor…it’s all here!  Click on any of the pictures to go straight to where you can purchase them and for more details – I think you’ll find SOMETHING you like!

Have a favorite?

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  • The hat with the red buttons? Drool.  I need this, but in white or black or gray.  I can’t pull off khaki around my face.  Sucks, too, because that color combo rocks. Not a bad price either, and anything handmade gets me going.
  • The Martini Glasses?  Those are handmade, too.  National Geographic has an online store to help promote world artisans, called Novica.  I ordered a set of the THICKEST drinking glasses, and I love them. LOVE.  The shipping was fast, too, despite how far they had to travel.  Highly recommend this store, and there is everything there. Trinkets, jewelry, sculpture, luggage, fair trade corporate gifts, green gifts, unique gifts, microfinance…you name it.
  • I’d LOVE to have that red scarf, but sadly, I’d have to have someone MAKE it for me, as the Etsy store sells only the pattern, not the actual scarf.  Hmmm – I do know a lovely aunt that knits…
  • Orange Blender. Too Cute.
  • Wow them with not only your business cards, but also your business card holder. One of a kind designs on Etsy from this seller.  If you don’t have business cards, you REALLY need to get some.  And get them from Tiny Prints. I did, and they are Ah-Maze-Ing.  I bought the folded ones and let me tell you, people take notice.  there is a link for Tiny Prints down at the bottom of my page if you want to click through!
  • LOVE this cute laptop bag.  orange and pink and perfect for any girly girl who can’t fathom leaving home without her window to the world. (That would be me.) Plus, there are a whole line of luggage sets in this pattern – the Passport Wallet is divine! (Yes, anyone out there listening – that means I want it!)
  • Emile Henry Pie Pan.  Love mine.  Bakes so evenly, even I can’t screw up a crust.
  • iPad Cover anyone?  How sweet is this one?
  • Must HAVE.  Microplane Zester.  Life has been forever changed in my kitchen since buying one.  There is no comparison when trying to zest with this versus any other product. $14.99 to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Yes really.
  • Quite possibly the cutest Measuring Set ever.  I don’t know about storing them, but who cares? They’re adorable.
  • I’m a sucker for scarves, and this one is calling my name.  Does it call yours?
  • A Set of 6 Reusable bags (that look fantastic, not icky or cheap!) for less than $20.  Yes, please.
  • Something cool about this blue tie with Oceanography Maps on it.  great if you have a seasoned traveler to buy for.  that wears a tie, of course.
  • Custom Blocks, from Jennie from the Blocks.  Jennie makes blocks to fit any decor – and they are very well done.  She did some for a friend of mine and I adored them.  Check her out and keep her in mind for upcoming baby gifts for sure! (She also did a really cute set for Halloween.  I bet Easter Blocks would be cute! Spell out EGG or something? Okay, I’m moving on now!)
  • I won an iPod Nano when I entered that Avocado Contest – that I didn’t know I had even registered to win.  I thought – how great can a little thing like this be, considering I already own an iPhone and and old iPod?  Umm, toooo great.  I love how small it is, it’s battery life, and man, that sucker has great sound quality.  And it has a built in RADIO.  it’s perfect for airplane travel, too. So tiny, the stewardess doesn’t even give you grief for leaving it on during takeoff.  Or if she does, just throw it at her. (I kid, I kid! Don’t do that.  She may keep it. And don’t call her a stewardess, either, or you may not get it back.)
  • A KitchenAid Mixer.  I have many. I do not have this color, though, and that makes me sad.  How gorgeous!  But, no matter which color you are in to, Kitchenaid makes it!  I really can’t tell you how much I use and enjoy my mixer.  Don’t be cheap and buy the pared down after-Thanksgiving model.  Get the good one. 5 quart or larger.  You’ll thank me in the long run.  While you are at it, go ahead and buy the glass bowl, too – very chic.
  • Handmade gift tags from my friend Jayne.  Don’t they pretty up a package?  Jayne made me some last year – snowflakes – and I couldn’t bear to part with them.  So, this year, they are hanging on my tree. Support this sweetheart of a lady.  Oh, and visit her cooking website – I love it!
  • Le Creuset’s newest color – Cassis. Oh, be still my heart.  I have lots in Caribbean now, which is lovely – but I get kind of weak seeing this new hue.  If you don’t own a piece of LC, buy ONE to start.  Maybe begin with a 5 Quart Dutch Oven.  Watch for sales on places like Amazon or – but just take the leap.  Ever since I bought mine, we’ve RARELY cooked anything on the stovetop or oven that hasn’t been in one of these LC products.

Okay – there are 18 more super fantastic gifts, and you still have time to order and get guaranteed shipping by Christmas.  So what are you waiting for?  Go! Shop!

Oh yeah, and have a great weekend!

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Tia December 13, 2010 at 5:25 am

The beige knot hat is just too cute! That’s definitely my favorite from this list. Thanks for putting it together!



Shelley March 2, 2011 at 12:10 am

Love the pie pan, but mine is Frankoma pottery (a local and nationally-renowned product). I absolutely love, love, love it!


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