Who Else is Scared of 2013?

I do not have triskaidekaphobia.

But I am frightened of 2013.  It scares me to admit that as well. 

I’ve been fretting about it for quite some time now.  Perhaps I am being unreasonable.  Perhaps it’s all in my head.  Perhaps I am overthinking the whole thing.

But this time last year, I was saying to anyone who would listen that 2012 was going to be MY year.  I meant it.  2012 was going to be MY YEAR.  And you know what?

It was.

  • I had two cookbooks published.
  • I had an all new kitchen installed, courtesy of KitchenAid.
  • I traveled to Seattle, to LA twice, to Monterey, to Fresno, to Florida, to Cleveland, Boston, and New York, DC, Gettysburg, Connecticut, Hershey, The Greenbrier, The Homestead, and a handful of Four Seasons Hotels.  Places I have only dreamed about staying?  I stayed.  All amazing.
  • I was spoiled.  I ate the best meals of my life this year.  The BEST.
  • I took a dream job as the Test Kitchen Culinary Specialist for Dixie Crystals Sugar.
  • I hosted a conference – A CONFERENCE – with my best friend Paula.
  • I saved enough money to walk into a car dealership and pay cash for a hot car.  All by myself.
  • I have a savings account.  With actual money in it.
  • I saw my baby off to Kindergarten, and he’s thriving.
  • I have a new cookbook under contract, and it’s HUGE for me. HUGE.  Full color. All my own. MINE.
  • I’ve had phone conversations with Guy Fieri and Spike Mendelsohn.  I met Ree, The Pioneer Woman.  And Bakerella. And Joy.  I would like to put Joy in my pocket, but I doubt she would like that very much, as my jeans are fairly tight.  I became friends – actual friends – with Duff Goldman.


  • My best friends – all bloggers.  And I get to see them, quite a lot.  Brandi, Paula, Bree.  It’s awesome.  We’ve been together a lot this year.  I am so blessed with friends like these girls.
  • I got to hang out with Ben Ford (yeah, Indiana Jones’ son) TWICE.
  • I discovered Special Brownies.
  • I did a 5k. For real.
  • I bought an expensive pair of boots, and I love them so much that I’ve actually worn them as much as they’re worth.
  • I gave up underwear and pajamas.  Trust me, it’s a good thing, but let’s not discuss it.
  • I’ve become addicted to makeup.  That’s good for everyone but my wallet.  Sephora stock is likely up due to my new habit.  But, I look presentable most days…no one needs to see me sans face.
  • I’m finding a new kind of happy.  I don’t know how to describe it, as it’s an unfamiliar feeling to me.  Happy should mean happy, I think, but I don’t really know what that’s even supposed to FEEL like, so, I am learning.  I think it’s happy.  So – I am finding it.


And so now maybe you see…2012 was wonderful.  Better than any one person should have.  Better than I deserve.  So for me to sit here and proclaim – “2013 is going to be MY year” seems so selfish.

I HAD my year.

Does 2013 have to be lackluster?  Can life KEEP getting better?  Does the universe work like that?  Is there a such thing as karma?  Can 2013 REALLY be MY YEAR, and 2012 just a precursor?

I WANT to be excited.  I want to believe that.  I do.  I want to say screw the bad vibes2013 will be as good as I make it.  The harder I work, the luckier I will get.  And I do work hard.  Harder than many.  I treat my blog as my business, and it is work.  You should see my schedule. My blog calendar.  I have boards and reminders and notes both paper and electronic.  I have a trip or two scheduled every single month through July already.

And I am scared.

Just scared.

Is that crazy?

I’d love to hear from you.  Just how crazy AM I?  Or – am I not crazy at all?

You know I care about what you say…  So say it.



  1. What a ffabulous year you had. Congrats Susan!

  2. 2012 was not a gift that was handed to you, Susan… You EARNED every bit of your success! And, knowing you and your work ethic, my money is on YOU to take 2013 to heights that will make 2012 look like it was in the basement!

    Never doubt yourself… You are more remarkable, generous, talented, compassionate and loving than you know. And, every bit of that wonder that is you will continue to come back to you!

    Here’s to 2013… Your next Best year, ever!


  3. I was going to email you today and ran out of time. I’m so happy for your success, well earned and well deserved! Here’s to 2013 being even better!

  4. What was the 2nd cookbook? I know about Everything Ice Cream

  5. You sound very blessed and I am sure this year will be amazing for you as well!!! Enjoy it :)

  6. I read a post yesterday that made me laugh. She’s afraid of 2013 too! Take a read. It gave me a laugh….http://thebloggess.com/2013/01/in-the-library/

  7. I really relate to this – I am a libra and big on balance/scales. 2011 and 2012 were the best years of my life (mostly due to our son who took a long time to achieve) and I’m scared that 2013 will come crashing down. I know I know – it’s silly and crazy!! But true. xo

  8. You are amazing! It was great to meet you at YOUR conference and borrow your toothpaste. (Couldn’t find mine that morning.) I hope for all the best for 2013!

  9. Here’s what I have to say: you deserve everything that came your way in 2012, and then some!
    Congratulations, Susan! I’m so proud of you!

  10. That is one heck of a year you just had. Well done! Sometimes things really do just drop into place, but it sounds like you really did the work, too. The new kind of happiness (yes, I think that is a real thing) seems to indicate you are hitting your stride and can’t help but have another great year. Have fun.

  11. Congrats on the job, on everything!! 2012 was an awesome year and I know 2013 will be an even better one…seriously!

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