Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars…and a Giveaway!

Last week I got to have a little bit of fun with friends and family, courtesy of Yasso.  A party, with lots of food and frozen yogurt pops?  And MY crazy family?


Sign me up.

I love the fact that as a blogger I am encouraged to try new and different products.  Usually I will get a sample or two – enough to share with Jon and Seven – but occassionally, I am even luckier!  Trying out and sharing the experience with the people in my life that I can’t get enough of is a true bonus.  My family, for example?


I mean, look at my cousins here.  Is this a normal way to behave, when you are asked to show off how you feel about a dessert on a stick?

Okay, don’t answer that.  Maybe your friends are as silly as mine.

We all shared a few boxes of the new Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars, in a couple of flavors…Chocolate Fudge and Coconut.  Overall, we all agreed the Coconut was our favorite, though the fudge was really good.  There was just something so summery and smooth about the coconut.  Since the party, I’ve heard from my sister-in-law that the salted caramel flavor is to die for…and I trust her opinion.  It will definitely be the next flavor I try, though if I can find it, the raspberry sounds so delicious! (And Blueberry! Mint Chocolate? Yum.)



Yasso Giveaway

Have you tried to new Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars?  If so, what flavors?  Have a favorite?  If you haven’t, wouldn’t you like to?

Of course you would.

And thanks to my friends at Yasso, I have a sweet little giveaway for you.  How about a Yasso Water Bottle, a T-Shirt, and Sunglasses, as well as 3 coupons for free product?


Then leave me a comment!  Just tell me what flavor you’d like to try, or what flavor you’d like to have again.  That’s all you need to do!  No fussy tweeting, no need to thumbs up, no need to do anything extra at all.

Winner will be chosen at 11:59pm EST on July 31, 2014.  US Addresses only, please.  Prize is courtesy of and fulfilled by Yasso.  Good luck!

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Disclaimer:  As mentioned, I was sponsored by Yasso to host a party with their product and compensated for my time.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I want to try the raspberry!

  2. Chocolate 🙂

  3. What a fun bunch! Looks like you all had a great time.
    I’m on a raspberry kick lately, so raspberry Yasso sounds good to me 🙂

  4. I want to try the coconut or the salted caramel. Oh, who am I kidding, I want to try them all! 🙂

  5. I would love to try the coconut because my husband is a coconut fanatic!

  6. Coconut please…and maybe i will dip it in my rum and coke 😉

  7. Raspberry!!

  8. raspberry!

  9. Coconut sounds awesome!

  10. Garnet Maloney says:

    I want to try the salted caramel.

  11. Raspberry is my favorite flavor; so, I’d like to try that!

  12. The raspberry sounds delicious! These look wonderful.

  13. strawberry! look yum

  14. Cellabella says:


  15. Madeline says:

    Definitely the raspberry flavor!

  16. These Yasso bars look incredible! I would love to try the Vanilla Bean.
    Thank you for such a great blog and generous giveaway!

  17. kristen mcclary says:

    strawberry i smy favorite flavorthanks for the great giveaway

  18. I’d love to try the mint!

  19. I am most interested in trying the chocolate fudge variety.

  20. Dandi D says:

    I’d love to try the blueberry flavor. They look really yummy!

  21. Karen Lynch says:

    I want to try the coconut after your review, but the raspberry would be second.

  22. Raspberry

  23. Chocolate Fudge for me 🙂

  24. i think i would like blueberry!

  25. I’d like to try the raspberry

  26. Coconut!

  27. Martina W. says:

    I would love to try the mint choco chip!

  28. I’d love to try the strawberry.

  29. Sea Salt Caramel!

  30. I have seen these at the supermarket but haven’t bought them yet. I’d love to try the strawberry.

  31. Betty B. says:

    I want to try the strawberry!

  32. Sharon O. says:

    I’d love to try the Sea Salt Caramel. All the flavors sound great though. Thank you!

  33. Kristen says:

    the sea salt caramel sounds amazing