BloggerBash 2015 in NYC


I don’t often tell you about all of them here, but if you follow e on Twitter, you know I go to a lot of conferences. A lot. I go as an ambassador on occasion, or a speaker, or just as an attendee. Heck, I even host one myself. Typically though, my conferences are all […]

Universal Orlando Citywalk


I’m not much of  goer-outer. True story.  I like to keep to myself, talk to myself, listen o music and cook.  And tweet.  I’ll tweet or text you all day long, but if I have to get dressed and go OUT, well, nothankyouverymuch.  I think I feel an ache in my spleen coming on…better not […]

Mixed Food Conference 2014 Ticket Giveaway


  In just about three weeks, the THIRD Annual Mixed is taking place in the mountains of Virginia.  My co-host, the lovely Paula of Bellalimento and I have planned and worked for months and months to pull together all of the details, plan the sessions, prepare the swag, arrange the activities.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy […]

Wrapping Up 2013…Part Two


Okay, okay…I wrote the first part of this wrap up over two weeks ago, swearing I would write the rest of it the VERY NEXT DAY. I meant I would write it today.  or something like that.  You see, I got lazy, or busy, or lazy.  It happens.  But honest, I didn’t mean to let […]

Wrapping Up 2013…Part One


This post is mostly for me.  To remember.  To reflect.  To remind myself I have it good…and I do.  I really do.  It’s just hard to remember the good when you are so caught up in the day to day of work and life. I know I wrote a post at the beginning of the […]

The S’mores Cookbook Tour…Las Vegas


I can’t believe it has been three months since the S’mores Tour hit Vegas.  Three months.  The strangest part is, I remember wanting to write to you about it FROM Las Vegas, but knew I couldn’t since I had other stops to tell you about first. And now here I am, three months later.  Wow […]

Mixed 2013…Want a ticket?

In just under three weeks, the second Mixed is taking place in the mountains of Virginia. Last year, Mixed was AMAZING.  Close to one hundred bloggers and sponsors gathered together to learn, chat, make partnerships with brands, and make friends they never knew they needed.  On top of a mountain, where Dirty Dancing was filmed, […]

Chocolate Mousse Day


A Day, devoted to Chocolate Mousse. That’s got to be a good day, right?  Well, that day is TOMORROW, April 3rd. Whippy, light, chocolate.  Rich, decadent, hitcha-where-you-need-it.  Chocolate Mousse. Now, I would love to be eating something right now, made of chocolate mousse.  But you know what?  I’ve been busy.  Busy with S’mores book edits, […]

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Camera GIVEAWAY!

Canon Rebel T3i

I know…I’ve been MIA. It’s the cookbook, y’all.  Tightest deadline I’ve ever faced, and SO much work.  Of course, adding in 4 additional trips in January wasn’t a big help on the time management system…but no one ever accused me of being a genius. However, the book has been turned in – ON TIME, as […]