Mini Banana Pudding Cheesecakes


I’ve been thinking of these for quite some time now… Banana Pudding Cheesecakes. When my friends at McCormick asked me to come up with a brunch worthy recipe using their great vanilla and almond extracts, I knew this would be the way to go.  It just had to be done.  So thanks, McCormick, for sponsoring […]

Orange and Almond Cheesecake with Cranberry Sauce


I write very little about my in-laws.  My family?  Well, I grew up with them, and while I may not name names, or tell every little story I want to, I am allowed.  They are required to love me, no matter what. The in-laws? Well, they are not bound by blood or contract.  And? All […]

Cream Cheese Ideas for the Holidays

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese . All opinions are 100% mine. Cream cheese. Creamy. Sweet. Delicious. Doesn’t make you fat at all. I kid, I kid. Every single bite is worth it. You know it, I know it. There’s nothing better than cream cheese. Now…I’m a […]

S’Mores Cheesecake


Don’t judge…I am not a fan of S’mores. I know, I know.  But let me tell you why.  It’s the graham crackers.  I can’t see eating a perfectly browned marshmallow and chocolate on a crunchy cracker. Messy. I don’t dig messy. I also don’t add crusts to my cheesecakes, for the record. If you’ve been […]

Superbowl Snacks…Oreo Cheesecake Bites


Good morning everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend…I know I did!  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, promise!  Until then, I want to introduce you to today’s guest poster, Peabody!  You may have seen her Culinary Concoctions all over the net, but I met this hockey loving food blogger when we were […]

Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

My sister loves red velvet.  Me, I never cared for it.  I’m not sure why – it’s basically chocolate, gussied up with a little food coloring to make it prettier. Whose idea was that?  I mean, the adding of the food coloring? It serves no real purpose really, purely aesthetics. So perhaps I never cared […]

Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake


  Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday, but truth be told, I’m ready to tackle 2012 and I am GLAD to have you BACK, reading, baking, and just being here for me, giving me reasons to keep posting! Over the holidays, I made this: a chocolate mousse topped cheesecake.  I’ve made […]

Brown Sugar Cookie Crust Cheesecake

Chocolate Chips Cookie Cheesecake

  Did you survive the Holidays?  Eat too much? Shop too much?  Get a face full of pepper spray while trying to secure a $2 waffle iron? (I already have a waffle iron, and I hope you do, too. Pepper spray sucks.) No matter…I hope you had a great long weekend full of friends and […]

Toasted Coconut & Raspberry Cheesecake…and a Giveaway!

  I adore cheesecake.  Thick, creamy, sweet.  I have to say, my favorite cheesecake is plain, nothing baked in, just the cream cheesy goodness.  Sure, I’ll top it with a variety of different things, like chocolate ganache, whipped cream, fruits, lemon curd.  But when it gets right down to it, just keep the cheesecake portion […]