Brick Grilled Chicken with Cola Sauce


There’s still time to grill. The days are crisper, but the grill is hot and ready and you should be minding it.  It’s football season, it’s leaves on the ground season, it’s almost time to put on a parka season. Don’t let the time get away from you.  Grill.  Do it. Grill.  And start with […]

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Macaroni and Cheese…and a Giveaway


Casual Entertaining. I’m a huge fan of anything that says CASUAL.  And entertaining.  So, when I was challenged by Dreamfields to create a recipe using their Elbow Macaroni with a Casual Entertaining theme, my mind raced and the excitement kept me up nights. Literally.  Dreams of what to do with macaroni kept me awake for […]

Grilled Chicken Parmesan


It’s still kind of summer, you know.  In fact, it almost feels more summery now than it did in August…we had a chilly spell for a few weeks here.  There were several days we wondered if it was too cold to go to the creek or pool – and it totally was. Weird. But, now […]

Pineapple Barbeque Chicken Wings


It’s almost tailgating season.  Ahhh…fall.  Football.  Grilling in a field. Cool air, hoodies, and…football.  Did I say football already?  Yes. Football. For a girl, I am all about game day.  College football, though – I’m not really into the NFL.  Except for my baby, Colt McCoy.  Sweet little thing, all grown up now.  I hope […]

Hawaiian Islands Chicken Pasta…and a Giveaway!


I am a creature of habit.  Change?  I say I love it…and I kind of do.  But it’s also just not something I am very good at implementing myself. Even with pasta. As an ambassador for Dreamfields Pasta, I am often challenged with a new recipe to create using pasta. You’d think that’s easy, but, […]

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Crescent Rolls


I can not fathom that it is almost Christmas.  Can. Not. I swear, Seven just went back to school.  Right?  And here we are, putting up the tree, hanging stockings, juggling Christmas parties.  It’s…well, it’s just plain overwhelming is what it is. Although I am freaking out a bit about it, I do have a […]

Fajita Grilled Chicken Stuffed Tacos

OEP - grilled-chicken-taco

I do fun things sometimes.  Like, get paid to make tacos.  No joke.  Old El Paso paid me to make tacos. I like that. You know why?  Because tacos made at home  you can put whatever you like into.  Lots of chicken, or lots of cheese, or lots of pico.  Or for me, lots of […]

Raisin Walnut Chicken Salad


I am a huge fan of chicken salad, especially on a croissant.  The buttery, flaky bread paired with the creamy chicken salad? Die.  Add in some crunch, from walnuts and celery, and some chew, from raisins? Winning combination. A few months ago I went to a local bakery where they make an incredible chicken salad, […]

Ranch Chicken Wings with Buffalo Dipping Sauce


I love chicken wings. All kinds of chicken wings, really, but I prefer the ones that aren’t all goopy.  You know – goopy.  The kind that get you ridiculously messy just by picking one up.  Sure, I’ll still eat that kind of wing – they’re delicious – but I’d really prefer the drier variety.  And […]