The Tiny House…Part One


There’s a huge movement going on that I’m sure you’ve seen – The Tiny House Movement.  People from all walks of life have taken on the task of building (and living in) small spaces they’ve constructed – be it converted campers, or stick built framed houses on moving trailers, converting shipping containers into homes, treehouses, […]

How To: The Perfect Turkey


My Mom never taught me how to make a turkey. Did yours? Despite the fact that every year in my existence she’s made turkey for Thanksgiving, I was never shown how.  Maybe I never asked, maybe I never cared, maybe she was so busy prepping a meal for 50 that showing a child the tricks […]

Mother’s Day Treat Pop Cake Bouquet


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! In case you are still looking for a gift  for mom, here’s a fun and yummy project I designed for Michaels.  Yes, THAT Michaels!  I now do projects for them about once a month, and you’ll be able to find the results on their website.  Fun, right?  I know, I know.  […]

Spring Cleaning & Getting Organized

This post brought to you by Rubbermaid® All AccessTM storage containers. All opinions are 100% mine. This past weekend was gorgeous. Sunny, not too hot, not too cold…the perfect kind of weather to put me in the mood to throw away every single thing in my house and start all over. Are you like that […]

Quick Valentine Caddy


Have you ever been on Pinterest, gawking around, and stumbled upon a craft so insanely easy you wonder why you never thought of it? Yeah, me either. But I’m hoping you’ll think, wow, clever idea that Doughmesstic chic had.  Wish I’d have thought of it. Because here’s the deal…it’s not really even a craft. It’s […]

How To: Wine Bottle Tablescape


Hello again! Hope everyone is surviving (and at this point in the game, I do mean surviving) the holidays.  I feel like we’ve been in the car, on the highway, in a hotel, in a guest room, at a dinner party, at a family gathering, eating a ham, eating a cake, eating another ham, drinking […]

Wine Bottle Décor and a Free Wine Lesson


We’ve been going through some wine around here lately. Like, a lot. I am a huge sparkling Moscato fan – it’s sweet. It’s bubbly.  It takes the edge off when a certain 5 year old has been trying my nerves for hours on end. When do the kids go back to school? I don’t know […]

Decorating for the Holidays


Can you believe we just had Thanksgiving, and Christmas is breathing down our necks? Crazy. I’m pretty sure it was just Easter.  I never even made it to a single pool this year. Fact.  Okay, wait.  I did.  I went to The Homestead in September, and they had a heated lazy river.  You and both […]

Lowe’s DIY Fall Project: Adirondack Chairs {And a Giveaway!}


I will be 100% honest here… I did not personally make these gorgeous Adirondack chairs. That would be Jon, who, using me as a cheerleader, made a set of plans on cardboard, cut out each piece of lumber, and screwed each piece into place.  We’ve been wanting a set for quite some time, but in […]