Cook for the Cure…Raspberry Orange Doughnuts

For the past few years, I have been honored by KitchenAid to be asked to share a pink recipe with you.  Why pink? Well, KitchenAid is a huge supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization that tackles a disease that has touched so many people in all of our lives: breast cancer.  Together, […]

Red Star Doughnuts

I’m back with yet another Red Star Recipe!  Remember how I said it has made all the difference in my yeast baking?  Yeah, I haven’t changed my mind!  It still works its magic on everything from danish to rolls, and pizza to…doughnuts. Yeasty, sweet, oh-my-Lord-Help-Me Doughnuts. What’s better than fried bread and air? Fried bread […]

Time to Make the Doughnuts

  I spell doughnuts this way. Some people choose to shorten it to donuts. I don’t care how you spell it, though, just give me some.  Especially if it’s giant, yeasty, and sugar glazed.  I used to think that Krispy Kreme was the recipe to beat, but I was wrong. I know, I know.  Blaspheme. […]

Butter Fried Doughnut Skewers

As if eating yeasty, carbohydrate filled doughnuts weren’t bad enough on their own, you’d better sit down for this. Butter Fried Doughnut Skewers. When Jon and I first moved in together oh so many years ago, one night he pulled out a stick of butter and some day-old Krispy Kremes and set out to fry […]

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Doughnuts

Yeah, it’s what’s for breakfast. It’s my personal belief that one cannot get enough chocolate in one’s diet without eating some for every meal. And in case you feel the same, here’s a simple and delicious way to accomplish your dietary goals….chocolate covered chocolate doughnuts. When I used to live in the commune house (sorry […]

One Year Down…It’s My Blogiversary!

One year ago today I made my first DoughMessTic post. It was for Cream Cheese Brownies. The pictures suck…in fact, all of my early pictures sucked. One even has a box of baby wipes holding up a Lemon Meringue Pie. That I took at night. So sad. But I have come a long way since […]

Tuesdays With Dorie…4 Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

This week Lauren of Upper East Side Chronicle chose Dorie’s Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding for us to make. Up until I made this, I had never eaten chocolate bread pudding. In fact, I had only ever eaten regular old bread pudding once – and only once. Bread. Pudding.Pudding. Bread.Each good on their own, but […]

Deep Fried Love.

Have you ever just gotten a hankering for something? For example, when we were in Italy a couple of months ago, I could not stop craving McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. The thing is, I don’t really even like McNuggets. I don’t even like fast food in general. But oh, how I wanted them. We’d be walking […]