Candied Bacon and Bourbon Cocktail


As you may know, I work for a sugar company behind the scenes.  The best sugar company, in my opinion – Dixie Crystals.  Being from the South, I try to support the South, and Dixie Crystals is right there.  Plus, they are so good to me.  Who wouldn’t love that kind of setup? Every month […]

Peaches and Cream Sangria


If you know me very well, you know I am not much of a drinker.  A mixed drink here or there, some Moscato from time to time, sure…but typically, I am your designated driver. But now I’ve discovered the world of Sangria.  That’s all over, kiddos. Maybe I’d not had the best sangria in the […]

Chocolate Covered Bacon Dulce de Leche Rum Shake


  Did you read the title?  That’s a lot of words.  But how do you leave any of them out? A Rum Shake.  But not as thick as a milkshake, just…creamy. Smooth.  Rich and delicious.  Vanilla ice cream blended with Captain Morgan’s White Rum, sweet Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, creamy dulce de leche…and bacon. Yep…bacon. You […]

Watermelon Sweet Tea

dixie june pt 1 012

Well kids, here it is, the END of JUNE. End of June? I’m not sure how that’s even possible.  I mean, this weekend is the Fourth of July, then we turn around twice, do a few summery parties or trips, and boom, the kids are back in school and we have our LIVES again are […]

Muddled Pear Moscow Mule #LoveNZFruit


Do you know me?  Like…know me, know me? Then you know I am not much of a drinker.  It’s just not something I ever got a taste for.  Sure, I’ll have a cocktail now and again, a glass of wine maybe.  But it’s pretty rare, unless I’m at a mommy blogger conference and I need […]

Cinco de Mayo…Watermelon Moonshine Mojito


When most people think of Cinco de Mayo drinks, they go straight to Tequila. Not me. The very first time I went to Mexico was the first time I was introduced to the Mojito.  I loved the fresh zing of the lime and mint, and the sweet rum flavor.  It just felt like a holiday […]

Blue Valentine Mojito


Don’t be sad. A Blue Valentine can be a great thing. Not like the movie Blue Valentine, which I still haven’t decided if I love or hate.  It pains me to see Ryan Gosling looking like, well, a normal man, with a receding hairline and glasses.  I can see THAT at Walmart.  I want the […]

Perfect Cocktails for New Year’s Eve


Are you ready to ring in the New Year? Are you going out?  Staying in?  Heading over to a friend’s place for an evening of debauchery? (Okay, so maybe your friends aren’t like MY friends.  We’re all in this together, though, folks.) No matter – you’ll need to have some Auld Lang Syne worthy concoctions […]

Captain Morgan’s Coquitos…Rum Eggnog


This post is rum and holiday overload.  That’s in part thanks to Captain Morgan, who sponsored this post as part of the Captain’s Table.  I’m enjoying being at THIS table, let me assure you. There are plenty of holiday parties to go around still, so load up on the rum and get to celebrating…I guarantee […]