Molten Lava Bourbon Cakes

  Is there a restaurant in America that doesn’t serve Molten Lava Cake as a dessert these days?  It seems everywhere you turn, it’s on the menu.  And for good reason!  They are absolutely delicious.    But they aren’t cheap.  Oftentimes, you’ll be paying $7.99 for the privilege of consuming this ooey gooey masterpiece.  Stop […]

Love Feast Table at the Doughmesstic Table!


  I have some angels today delivering a heavenly recipe for you…Angel Food Cake!  The sweethearts from LoveFeast Table are back again to help me out while I am on vacation.  Thanks SO much, ladies! …………………….. Thanks Susan for having us at your Table again! We love what you serve up here and are happy […]

Chocolate Malt Cake from Bon Appétit


  Have you ever gotten a magazine, been flipping through, and then…BAM.  There it is.  The recipe. The picture.  The one thing you MUST make immediately?  Well, in the latest issue of Bon Appétit, I had that experience. Towards the back of the magazine, the picture of Christina Tosi’s Chocolate Malt Cake pulled me in. […]

Lemon Meringue and Fresh Raspberry Cheesecake


  It would appear that I cannot leave cheesecake alone.  Poor, sweet, delicious cheesecake.   You never stood a chance. A couple of weeks ago I found myself craving Lemon Meringue Pie.  One of my first experiences baking with my blog was to make the freeform lemon tartlets from the Daring Bakers Challenge and I quickly […]

Lewisburg Chocolate Festival


  On Saturday, April 10th, the small, historic town of Lewisburg, West Virginia had it’s 4th Annual Chocolate Festival.  Located near the ever so posh and luxurious Greenbrier Resort, this festival drew quite  a large and diverse crowd – everyone from resort guests, to locals, to people like me – foodies willing to make the […]

Lemon Layers Cheesecake

Have you missed me? Or have you even noticed I was gone? I hope you noticed.  But, now I’m back. Well, this CAKE is back, anyway.  And what a cake it is! Similar to my birthday cake, but with a springtime influence. Think two super fat layers of lemon cake, filled with lemon zest and […]

chocolate mousse cheesecake


I do still know how to bake. Perhaps you thought I had given up on it, considering it’s been a while since you saw me make anything other than a cookie.  I DO still know how to bake. Take this cheesecake, for example.

vanilla bean cheesecake

Have you ever spent an entire day cleaning your house, decorating it all jazzy for the Holidays, and then, at 11 that night thought – ya know, it sure is clean in here…I should go ahead and make a cheesecake.  Besides, Nip/Tuck is on again for the second time in 2 hours and this time […]

truffle surprise mini cakes

This weekend, although swamped (yay!) with cake orders, I needed to pull together a yummy dessert to take to a friends house. We’re talking just a couple of hours of leeway, so there was no time for digging through recipes…but I wanted something decadent and memorable.  We don’t always have time for complicated around here, […]