Mixed 2013…Want a ticket?

In just under three weeks, the second Mixed is taking place in the mountains of Virginia. Last year, Mixed was AMAZING.  Close to one hundred bloggers and sponsors gathered together to learn, chat, make partnerships with brands, and make friends they never knew they needed.  On top of a mountain, where Dirty Dancing was filmed, […]


I cannot fathom that Mixed has come and gone.   It’s gone. I blinked, and it passed me right by.  I didn’t remember to sleep, nor did I remember to eat.  For three solid days. What I DO remember? Wonderful things.  Amazing people.  Laughter and hugging and learning.  Smiles.  Friends. Cakes. Cardboard boxes. Did I […]

Kicking Off MIXED!

Today is a huge day for me. HUGE. Today I host my first conference… MIXED.  One hundred people – food bloggers and writers, mostly – from all around the country (and Canada!) – are coming to a conference that I created. That’s crazy to me. For months, my best friend and co-conspirator, Paula and I […]