The Mazda3…A #ZoomZoom Review


A Doughmesstic job perk? Getting asked to do fun things.  Fun things that most people don’t have the luxury to do.  For example – getting asked to take the 2015 Mazda 3 for a spin. In Las Vegas. After a brief introduction to each other on Twitter (seriously kids, get yourself on Twitter, it’s where […]

Legrand Under Cabinet Lighting System…and a Giveaway


Sometimes, life is so full.  You don’t even realize that things could possibly be better, because life is just going your way. That usually lasts about 27 seconds. I kid, I kid. But there is some truth there.  For example, I adore my kitchen as it is, complete with 2 fridges, granite counters, a gorgeous […]

Silk Cashewmilk


I’m trying all kinds of new things these days. Seriously, you guys, so many new things. The “diet”, which I hate calling a diet, has led me down new roads.  I experiment.  I play.  I love trying new things. For example, the new Silk Cashewmilk. I’ve been a big fan of Silk for a while […]

iCoffee Review and Giveaway


The world has become obsessed with coffee.  Have you noticed?  Starbucks is on virtually every street corner in the cities, and complete with drive thrus in small town America.  Of course, there’s also the plethora of other chain coffee shops, small cafes, food trucks, and doughnut shops. All coffee, all the time. And then?  There’s […]

The Nespresso VertuoLine


As a blogger, I am often asked to try out new products, new experiences.  It’s one of the best things about my job, but it’s a also a bit overwhelming at times. I get asked to take a look at a LOT of things. Sometimes, it pains me to say no.  It really does.  And […]

How To: The Perfect Turkey


My Mom never taught me how to make a turkey. Did yours? Despite the fact that every year in my existence she’s made turkey for Thanksgiving, I was never shown how.  Maybe I never asked, maybe I never cared, maybe she was so busy prepping a meal for 50 that showing a child the tricks […]

Weber Grill Giveaway from Krusteaz


In case you are new here (if you are, welcome!) you may not know that I am happy to be a Krusteaz Ambassador this year.  Krusteaz has an amazing line of mixes, from everything to brownies, gluten free muffins, lemon bars, cookies, and now…flatbreads.  You may recall that I posted a recipe for a flatbread […]

Staying Connected with Chevrolet…4G Style #Chevy4G


If you know me at all, you know I am a traveler. At the drop of a hat, I’ll pack up my things and go, whether by plane, by train, by boat, or by car. Speaking of cars, you may recall that earlier in the summer, my little family and I hit the highway for […]

The Krusteaz Bakers Dozen


Little things make me happy.  But this?  This is a big thing.  I have been asked by Krusteaz to be an ambassador for their brand over the next year.  That’s huge, right?  As a fan of their baking mixes (seriously, the Lemon Bars and the Wild Blueberry Muffin mix are to die for) I was […]