How To: The Perfect Turkey


My Mom never taught me how to make a turkey. Did yours? Despite the fact that every year in my existence she’s made turkey for Thanksgiving, I was never shown how.  Maybe I never asked, maybe I never cared, maybe she was so busy prepping a meal for 50 that showing a child the tricks […]

Weber Grill Giveaway from Krusteaz


In case you are new here (if you are, welcome!) you may not know that I am happy to be a Krusteaz Ambassador this year.  Krusteaz has an amazing line of mixes, from everything to brownies, gluten free muffins, lemon bars, cookies, and now…flatbreads.  You may recall that I posted a recipe for a flatbread […]

Staying Connected with Chevrolet…4G Style #Chevy4G


If you know me at all, you know I am a traveler. At the drop of a hat, I’ll pack up my things and go, whether by plane, by train, by boat, or by car. Speaking of cars, you may recall that earlier in the summer, my little family and I hit the highway for […]

The Krusteaz Bakers Dozen


Little things make me happy.  But this?  This is a big thing.  I have been asked by Krusteaz to be an ambassador for their brand over the next year.  That’s huge, right?  As a fan of their baking mixes (seriously, the Lemon Bars and the Wild Blueberry Muffin mix are to die for) I was […]

Summer and Picnics…and a Giveaway!


It’s been a good summer. Nay, a great summer. (How long have I been saying “nay”? I honestly talk this way. Truth. Ask my friends friend.) I went on a 3 week cross country vacation, I hung out at the pool almost daily with Seven and our friends getting great tans, I went to movies, […]

Meet the New Peeps Minis!


My job is a fun job. One of my jobs this summer was to open up a couple of bags of Peeps…and eat them. So challenging, I know!  I almost couldn’t handle the stress.  It was truly touch and go for a few minutes…but then I got the bag open and everything was fine. I’m […]

What’s Your FlavorPrint?


Sometimes, someone who thinks they know what they like (umm, me) finds out that believe it or not, there’s a whole new world of things they like as well. Things that may have seemed unusual for them. Things that just didn’t seem to make sense that a FORMULA – a computer program- could possibly know. […]

Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars…and a Giveaway!


  Last week I got to have a little bit of fun with friends and family, courtesy of Yasso.  A party, with lots of food and frozen yogurt pops?  And MY crazy family? Sign me up. I love the fact that as a blogger I am encouraged to try new and different products.  Usually I […]

Product Review…New Finish Dishwashing Detergent With Less Harsh Chemicals

  As one of the lucky Finish Mom Ambassadors, I was lucky enough to have Finish Dishwashing ask me to try their new “less harsh chemical” line of dishwashing detergents.  They are Finish® Power & Free™ and Jet-Dry® Power & Free™.  Developed with little ones in mind (less harsh on their pacifiers, sippy cups, bottles […]