Limoncello Gingered Pear Sorbetto

  Sometimes you just need life to be a little easier. And sweeter. And be doused in liquor. This simple recipe for Limoncello Pear Sorbetto takes care of all of that, and is the perfect accompaniment to a Bertolli Dinner for Two.  What could be easier than mixing up a few quick ingredients before you […]

Mixed Berry and Peach Yogurt Sorbet

  Our garden is having an amazing summer.  From asparagus in April and May, to early berries, to some of the best lettuce we’ve ever had (thanks Burpee Home Gardens!), our raised beds are producing one of the best crops we’ve ever grown.  And while our peppers and tomatoes are still a bit young, the […]

Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Sherbet

  Maybe you’ve heard…I’m under contract on an Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts Cookbook. I know, bizarre.  Someone giving me that kind of responsibility.  Let’s just go with it, okay? That being said, I’ve had the ice cream machine cranking around here lately, and this sorbet made with berries straight out of my gorgeous garden […]

National Ice Cream Cone Day

  I guess it still feels like summer in many places, but if it were ME that got to choose the national day of ice cream cones?  I’d shoot for July 15.  It’s always hot on July 15.  Or 16.  Sometimes around there.  But, no one asked me, so instead, I’ll just post a few […]

Mixed Berry Sorbetto

  Ahhh, summer.   Lazy, sunny, sweat pouring from every square inch of me summer. I nearly died just picking these berries in the backyard. It’s at least 116 degrees.  Okay. Maybe not 116.  And maybe I shouldn’t complain so much, as I did just have to step off my patio and up into the […]

Blackberry Sorbet…Sweet.

Another Tuesday, another post without Dorie in it. To be quite honest, I have been so busy lately I couldn’t even tell you what I was supposed to make this week. As you know from yesterday’s post, I was up to my eyeballs in baking last week, and beyond that, I had company, and beyond […]