The Nespresso VertuoLine


As a blogger, I am often asked to try out new products, new experiences.  It’s one of the best things about my job, but it’s a also a bit overwhelming at times. I get asked to take a look at a LOT of things. Sometimes, it pains me to say no.  It really does.  And […]

The Perfect Meatballs


I so wish this recipe was my own creation.  I really do.  You see, because of this diet/exercise lifestyle I have committed myself to, I find myself eating anything carb free and full of protein. These meatballs are those things.  Meaty.  Protein-filled goodness. They are the best meatballs I have ever eaten. And I MADE […]

A Taste of the Tropics…Caribbean Snowfall Cocktail

caribbean snowfall rum

Caribbean Snowfall Cocktail?  What am I even saying?  Caribbean Snowfall? Well, let me tell you why I am posting this tropical concoction – a taste of the warmth and sunshine, but with a chilly sounding name.  I have my reasons, I do. It’s cold out, isn’t it?  Very, very cold.  I’m not sure what happened, […]

How To: The Perfect Turkey


My Mom never taught me how to make a turkey. Did yours? Despite the fact that every year in my existence she’s made turkey for Thanksgiving, I was never shown how.  Maybe I never asked, maybe I never cared, maybe she was so busy prepping a meal for 50 that showing a child the tricks […]

The Caribbean Princess


I’ve been gone a lot lately.  Here, there, everywhere. But a few weeks ago, I boarded the Caribbean Princess for a five night Western Caribbean sailing to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. I was in for a wonderful treat. I’ll delve into more of the highlights in additional posts, but I wanted to give you a […]

Apple Cranberry Chicken Orzo


Looking for the perfect way to change up a weeknight meal? Apple Cranberry Chicken Orzo is it.  Easy, flavorful, and such great texture.  I absolutely adore it.  But before I delve into the recipe, let’s talk a little about the season, shall we? The air is brisker, the nights are longer, the leaves are almost […]

Bacon Cheeseburger Deviled Eggs

cheeseburger deviled eggs

I have been on a deviled egg tare as of late…I seriously can’t get enough of them. For one thing, they are very carb friendly, and considering my new, weirdo diet, no carbs is a great thing for me.  Deviled Eggs have made my life tasty enough to manage through the weeks with no sugar, […]

Slow Cooker: Holiday Ham with Tropical Flair


I feel kind of special here today. Reynolds – you know – Reynolds, the people who make aluminum foil and such and have access to big foodie brains and labs and professional culinary geniuses – asked ME to make a recipe for them. And a video.  To put on Epicurious. THE Epicurious. Gasp. I’m pretty […]

Gluten Free Tropical Blueberry Cake

GF-Blueberry loaf

I don’t live a gluten free lifestyle.  In fact, I am sad for people who have to.  I love bread. I love cake.  I love pastries.  Most of all, I love not having to worry about whether or not what I am eating will hurt me, because it contains something my body can’t tolerate. That […]