Holiday Baking with Krusteaz


I’m here to give you a heads up on the goodies, folks. As you know, I am one of the Krusteaz Baker’s Dozen, a position I adore.  A few days ago, I shared my Cheesy Corn Muffins with you, because they are perfect for a holiday meal.  But my cohorts, the REST of the Baker’s […]

Silk Cashewmilk


I’m trying all kinds of new things these days. Seriously, you guys, so many new things. The “diet”, which I hate calling a diet, has led me down new roads.  I experiment.  I play.  I love trying new things. For example, the new Silk Cashewmilk. I’ve been a big fan of Silk for a while […]

Caramel Filled Brownie Cookies


Have you ever made brownies into cookies? I have.  A lot.  While I LOVE brownies – I truly do – sometimes I just want a cookie, and a deep, dark, chocolaty cookie is what I’m after.  These Caramel Filled Brownie Cookies fit that bill. So how do you make brownies into cookies? Simple.  You make […]

Cheesy Corn Filled Holiday Corn Muffins


I bet you have a big holiday dinner coming up, don’t you?  Full of ham or turkey, lots of salads and sides, desserts and breads.  It’s a LOT of work. A lot. So I am here to help you.  No…I’m not making dinner FOR you.  I’m just here to offer a little help in the […]

Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies…and a Giveaway


I like easy things. I especially like easy things that are delicious. Whoopie Pies are delicious. Now – Whoopie Pies, or rather, Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies, are both…easy AND delicious. This is all thanks to Pillsbury and their Celebration Starters. Say what? Yeah, go with me on this one. Box Mix.  Embrace it.  It’s […]

iCoffee Review and Giveaway


The world has become obsessed with coffee.  Have you noticed?  Starbucks is on virtually every street corner in the cities, and complete with drive thrus in small town America.  Of course, there’s also the plethora of other chain coffee shops, small cafes, food trucks, and doughnut shops. All coffee, all the time. And then?  There’s […]

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Apples


Oh no, you are thinking…another healthy recipe.  Where has Susan gone? Trust me, I am here.  I still want all.the.things. But someone recently asked me to give one of their recipes a go, and while they all looked promising, I decided to choose – of my own volition – to try the healthiest looking of […]

Low Carb Coconut Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookies


What’s a gal to do if she’s watching her carb intake, her overall diet, her overall lifestyle…and she wants to eat a cookie…and there are no cookies at the store for her to eat? She creates a cookie.  In this case, Coconut Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookies Since beginning my low-carb diet in August, I feel […]

As Long As It #SmellsClean …Right?

palisades 142

This is my house. You can’t tell it from this angle, but she is durrtty. No joke, Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year.  Just…I can’t even begin to figure out what happened.  Seven started school like, 2 weeks ago it seems, and then – Bam, there are 6 in-laws sleeping in my house ALL […]