Flatbread Pizza with Fig, Pears and Arugula


Flatbread is everywhere these days.  Every. Where.  Go to any restaurant and you are likely to see it pop up as an appetizer, possibly even the main course. It’s good stuff. It’s also very easy. So adaptable.  So family friendly.  If the kids just want cheese, you can give them cheese.  If you want something […]

Sweet Luxury from Frette

Soon, very soon, I hope, I am going to fill you in on what’s been going on here this summer. You see, I decided this spring that I needed a vacation house. Now wait! Don’t run off, thinking I’m too big for my britches and have money oozing from every pore.  That’s not the case.  […]

Grilled Chicken Parmesan


It’s still kind of summer, you know.  In fact, it almost feels more summery now than it did in August…we had a chilly spell for a few weeks here.  There were several days we wondered if it was too cold to go to the creek or pool – and it totally was. Weird. But, now […]

Staying Connected with Chevrolet…4G Style #Chevy4G


If you know me at all, you know I am a traveler. At the drop of a hat, I’ll pack up my things and go, whether by plane, by train, by boat, or by car. Speaking of cars, you may recall that earlier in the summer, my little family and I hit the highway for […]

Kid Friendly Pizza Arancini


Today we are getting in the kitchen and making Arancini.  Pizza Arancini, to be more precise, and we will making it … with our kids. Don’t worry, they’ll love it.  Trust me, I know.  It has the word PIZZA right in it. .I started blogging when Seven was about 9 months old. The truth is, […]

Cinnamon Roll Fluffy Pancake Cups


Good morning! Guess what today is? My first EMPTY HOUSE day in MONTHS!  That’s right, y’all…Seven is back to school, and Jon is back at work (he took yesterday off so that we could take Seven to second grade together)…and now the house is officially MINE again!  I survived! Thank the good sweet Lord.  It […]

The Krusteaz Bakers Dozen


Little things make me happy.  But this?  This is a big thing.  I have been asked by Krusteaz to be an ambassador for their brand over the next year.  That’s huge, right?  As a fan of their baking mixes (seriously, the Lemon Bars and the Wild Blueberry Muffin mix are to die for) I was […]

Caribbean Pork Kabobs with Coconut Rice


School is about to start.  I keep reminding myself this, as if I can’t actually believe it.  But – in just a few days, I’ll have an empty house during the day. Time to plan out meals (ha!) shop in peace (as if, I shop online, I’m not kidding anyone) and head to the grocery […]

Summer and Picnics…and a Giveaway!


It’s been a good summer. Nay, a great summer. (How long have I been saying “nay”? I honestly talk this way. Truth. Ask my friends friend.) I went on a 3 week cross country vacation, I hung out at the pool almost daily with Seven and our friends getting great tans, I went to movies, […]

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