Crescent Change Up: Bacon & Onion Crescents

Remember last week when I told you Pillsbury asked me to make a recipe or two using their fabulous Crescent Rolls?  And I said to stay tuned, as I had more ideas?  Well…here is yet another. Bacon and Onion Crescent Rolls. So easy, and yet, so incredibly hard to put down.  They’d be great to […]

Pork Barbeque Quesadillas

Looking for a tasty addition to your appetizer line up?  Need quick and easy tailgate fare? This is it. I was contacted by Old El Paso to create a few recipes, and this one?  Well, I just love it. Pork Barbeque is always popular at our parties, and to prepare it in an untraditional manner […]

Spicy Corn & Tomato Jalapeno Bites

Still looking for something amazing to have for the 4th of July? Look no further. Think garden fresh.  Think full of flavor.  Think creamy. Tongue Tingling. Bite sized. Think Spicy Corn & Tomato Jalapeno Bites.

Ranch Chicken Wings with Buffalo Dipping Sauce

I love chicken wings. All kinds of chicken wings, really, but I prefer the ones that aren’t all goopy.  You know – goopy.  The kind that get you ridiculously messy just by picking one up.  Sure, I’ll still eat that kind of wing – they’re delicious – but I’d really prefer the drier variety.  And […]

Cinco de Mayo…Fresh Corn Pico

Cinco de Mayo. Has nothing to do with mayonnaise, as some may have thought. Without going in to some made up history of the holiday, I’ll give you the cheap and dirty details. Cinco de Mayo, aka Cinco de Drinko, is the day every American pretends to be Mexican, eats a lot of tacos, and […]

Zesty Mexican Pizza…and a Giveaway!

I love pizza. And football. Pizza and football together is even better. So, when last weekend the inaugural Alumni Battle of the State Lines Football game took place – I knew something had to be done. Tailgating. We had friends and family up for a little pre-game snackfest, and thankfully, my friends at FlatOut had […]

Mini Southwest Fiesta Bowls

Just saying the word Fiesta puts you in a better mood does in not?  Try it. Fiesta. See? You’re happier. Or, you will be, if you throw this simple and surprisingly delicious dinner together tonight.  Mini Southwest Fiesta Bowls are perfect for a quick meal, served with a side salad and corn, or, if you […]

Peach Guacamole…Superbowl Delicious!

This post brought to you by Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine. Superbowl time.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Football Season is the BEST season. The Superbowl?  It’s the culmination of all those months of hard hitting television time; the epitome of everything we’ve learned this season.  Namely – who […]

Spicy Apple Butter BBQ Pork Cupcakes

There are only two seasons in the year.  You may think Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.  And sure, you are kind of right…but still, you are wrong. There are but two seasons. Football Season, and Waiting for Football Season. Thank God it’s still Football season, even if it IS just one more game. Then…cold, warm, sweltering, […]