Cinco de Mayo…Fresh Corn Pico


Cinco de Mayo. Has nothing to do with mayonnaise, as some may have thought. Without going in to some made up history of the holiday, I’ll give you the cheap and dirty details. Cinco de Mayo, aka Cinco de Drinko, is the day every American pretends to be Mexican, eats a lot of tacos, and […]

Zesty Mexican Pizza…and a Giveaway!


I love pizza. And football. Pizza and football together is even better. So, when last weekend the inaugural Alumni Battle of the State Lines Football game took place – I knew something had to be done. Tailgating. We had friends and family up for a little pre-game snackfest, and thankfully, my friends at FlatOut had […]

Mini Southwest Fiesta Bowls


Just saying the word Fiesta puts you in a better mood does in not?  Try it. Fiesta. See? You’re happier. Or, you will be, if you throw this simple and surprisingly delicious dinner together tonight.  Mini Southwest Fiesta Bowls are perfect for a quick meal, served with a side salad and corn, or, if you […]

Peach Guacamole…Superbowl Delicious!


This post brought to you by Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine. Superbowl time.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Football Season is the BEST season. The Superbowl?  It’s the culmination of all those months of hard hitting television time; the epitome of everything we’ve learned this season.  Namely – who […]

Spicy Apple Butter BBQ Pork Cupcakes


There are only two seasons in the year.  You may think Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.  And sure, you are kind of right…but still, you are wrong. There are but two seasons. Football Season, and Waiting for Football Season. Thank God it’s still Football season, even if it IS just one more game. Then…cold, warm, sweltering, […]

Low Country Boil…And a Le Creuset Giveaway


Every year at my in-laws, we have a tradition of taking turns choosing the Christmas Dinner Menu.  It started humbly, with my mother-in-law choosing pasta.  Then the next year, my father-in-law chose Turducken. Then my sister-in-law changed things up and ordered Low Country Boil. Kind of a strange thing for Christmas, as it’s typically cooked […]

Bacon, Shrimp and Avocado Pockets…and a $200 Seafood Giveaway


Nearly two years ago, I entered a recipe almost identical to this one into a contest.  Thanks to some wonderful readers, friends, and family – and a boatload of begging for votes – I won that recipe contest. An All-Expense trip for 4 for a whopping 5 days in Pasadena, to attend the Rose Bowl. […]

Jalapeno Jelly and Brie Mini Popovers


Last weekend was the first Saturday home game for the Hokies, and, as we are big into the tailgate scene, I knew we needed something to eat.  If you leave it to Jon (don’t get me wrong, he CAN cook and mans a grill like nobody’s business) – you’ll end up eating meat and meat […]

Superbowl Snacks


I swore I wasn’t going to do a Superbowl Snack Round Up. And yet, here I am. Why the change of heart?  Well, my not-so-secret personal reason is – I wanted a place I could come to find them myself, all of my favorites in one location. Greedy and selfish, I know.  But at least […]