Coconut Key Lime Pies…and a Trip to The Keys


If you follow me on Twitter, you know I spent a week last month tooling around the Florida Keys.  Poor ME.  Woe is ME.  Forced to travel to some amazing hotels, incredible restaurants, and eat 9 different Key Lime Pies. Yes, I did.  I tasted NINE different Key Lime Pies. Before the trip, I had […]

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway…and Mendocino


  As you may know, my little family and I went on a whirlwind tour of the United States in June – 3 weeks in a packed to the gills Nissan Titan, more National Parks than you can shake a stick at, beaches, deserts, mountain ranges, waterfalls, and even lava fields.  But one of the […]

Behind the Yellow Sign of KOA Kampgrounds #CampKOA in Hurricane, Utah


I’m not a camper. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of it…the great outdoors, sleeping with the stars overhead, a campfire to cook breakfast on, the sounds of nature outside of my tent. But. I’m spoiled these days. Tents are fine, sure. But doesn’t an RV sound better? A real bathroom? A refrigerator? […]

Traveling Cross Country…an American Road Trip


Have you noticed I’ve been absent? I have been.  So sorry!  But, summer is slow here in Food Blog Land, so I packed up my little family and headed West! That’s right, as of June 11, I have been on the road, seeing the sights, eating the foods (so many foods!), walking the walks and […]

Travel: It’s All Bigger in Texas


I’ve heard that.  You know, the Everything is bigger in Texas thing. It may be true.  What I do know for sure?  Texas has a lot to offer, especially in Houston and The Woodlands. A couple of weeks ago, I flew out to Houston with Paula to meet up with one of our favorite PR […]

A Fun Trip to Boston


I can’t believe I haven’t shared this trip with you yet.  Of course, it feels like I JUST went, but, it’s been a full month now! Back in the day, pre-kiddo, Jon and I would take a huge trip every year for my birthday, which just so happens to also be our wedding anniversary.  Now?  […]

Get Some Sleep!


This may not be the first thing you want to read on a MONDAY…but SLEEP. Sleep, sleep, sleep. You want a  nap now, don’t you?  I bet you do.  It’s cold out, probably raining or snowing wherever you are (of course!), and after too short of a weekend, you would just like to call it […]

Decorating a Float for the Rose Parade…with Dole!


You don’t have to tell me – I KNOW.  I know I am lucky.  I get amazing opportunities, I know fantastic people, I work with incredible companies. Take Dole, for example. I love the relationships I have made with the brand, from the great PR team that I consider to be friends (hey Jess and […]

Wrapping Up 2013…Part Two


Okay, okay…I wrote the first part of this wrap up over two weeks ago, swearing I would write the rest of it the VERY NEXT DAY. I meant I would write it today.  or something like that.  You see, I got lazy, or busy, or lazy.  It happens.  But honest, I didn’t mean to let […]