Mini S’mores Ice Cream Cakes…from Big Bear’s Wife


It’s Thursday! Do you know what that means? It means I am tired as hell because I got up at 3am in order to make my butt-crack-of-dawn flight to Chicago today.  THAT’S what it means.  And, knowing me, I didn’t even sleep at all Wednesday night, for fear of oversleeping, so…I will likely change into […]

Healthier S’mores Sandwiches…from Texanerin


Good morning everyone! As promised, today kicks off a full month of S’mores recipes from great bloggers that were kind enough to guest post here while I am on my book tour.  You are in for a treat! (In fact, a LOT of treats!) First up we have a delicious (and yet healthy) S’mores Sandwich […]

Greek Chicken Pasta Salad with Feta and Herbs, from Liz at The Lemon Bowl

Greek Chicken Pasta Salad

I’m thrilled to be guest posting for Susan today. We had the opportunity to meet face-to-face last year during the Ohio Dairy Adventure. Let me tell you –it doesn’t get more intimate that milking cows at 5AM with your fellow bloggers! We had a blast and it was great to finally meet the spunky lady […]

Orange Pomegranate Scones from Budget Gourmet Mom

As you may know, I am not what you’d call a “People Person.”  Like, at all.  Meeting new people is hard for me – I am backwards, awkward, and well, people scare me in general.  But as soon as I met Krista, the force behind Budget Gourmet Mom, I immediately loved her. Sweet. Sassy. Downright […]

National Truffle Day…Fresh Raspberry Almond Truffles

Did you know that May 2nd is National Truffle Day?  It is!  And lucky for all of you, I pulled this beauty from the archives.  Back before anyone had ever heard of me, my friend Carrie from Fields of Cake was sweet enough (literally) to guest post for me. Back then, I was lucky to […]

Strawberries Liqueur Over Cream Custard…A Guest Post from Tickled Red


Good morning, Dear Readers!  As you may recall, I am on VACATION! While I am standing in the Florida heat, waiting to ride my umpteenth Teacup, YOU are sitting in cool comfort, about to indulge in a sweet guest post from my blogger friend Shari of Tickled Red. I had the pleasure of meeting Shari […]

Superbowl Snacks…Oreo Cheesecake Bites


Good morning everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend…I know I did!  I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, promise!  Until then, I want to introduce you to today’s guest poster, Peabody!  You may have seen her Culinary Concoctions all over the net, but I met this hockey loving food blogger when we were […]

Bacon Swirl Cinnamon Rolls


  Oh, sweet readers, you are in for a treat today. My friend Carrie of Fields of Cake has something to dish in the way of Cinnamon Rolls full of Bacon and topped with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing.  Oh, Carrie.  In case you don’t know her, you should…she’s one heck of a baker.  Right […]

Guest Post…Decadent Perfectly Chocolate Hershey’s Chocolate Cake


  Last week I was whisked away to Milwaukee to meet the folks at Johnsonville.  Since I knew I’d be gone, I arranged for a friend to do all of my work.  Well…at least SOME of my work.  In the past, I’ve always asked another food blogger to guest post, but this time, I reached […]