#UniteMonday or Mom of the Year Award Goes Not to ME


As parents, we all do things we give ourselves grief over. At least I THINK we all do. I know I do. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m joining the Sisterhood of Motherhood and celebrating #UniteMonday. Every Monday follow the hashtag #UniteMonday on Twitter and Facebook and share any of your rules you bent […]

Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies…and a Giveaway


I like easy things. I especially like easy things that are delicious. Whoopie Pies are delicious. Now – Whoopie Pies, or rather, Devil’s Food Holiday Whoopie Pies, are both…easy AND delicious. This is all thanks to Pillsbury and their Celebration Starters. Say what? Yeah, go with me on this one. Box Mix.  Embrace it.  It’s […]

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies…and a Giveaway


Imagine opening your email one day, and having JIF, the Peanut Butter gurus, as YOU to make their peanut butter cookie recipe. Because they think it’s the best, and they just kind of want YOUR opinion. Because they think you matter, (How did they get my email address, I wondered? Who am I?) I blinked […]

Sailing the Carnival Sunshine…Dining


A couple of weeks ago, my little family and I boarded the beautiful (and totally made over) Carnival Sunshine.  The Carnival Sunshine is a complete and utterly transformed ship from it’s original status as the Destiny.  A massive undertaking, the Destiny spent only a few short weeks (about 15!) being gutted, redesigned, built on to, […]

Kid Friendly Pizza Arancini


Today we are getting in the kitchen and making Arancini.  Pizza Arancini, to be more precise, and we will making it … with our kids. Don’t worry, they’ll love it.  Trust me, I know.  It has the word PIZZA right in it. .I started blogging when Seven was about 9 months old. The truth is, […]

Back To School: After School Treats

Didn’t the kids JUST get out of school?  I swear, in ways it seems like it…and yet in ways, I can’t believe the summer I’ve had. So many wonderful thins packed in to just under 3 months: a trip across country for a few weeks, a trip to the Florida Keys, 2 Panic at the […]

Arm & Hammer…Did You Know? (and a Giveaway!)

Baking Soda

Okay, for the past few months I have been working closely with Arm & Hammer, reviewing a few of their products, sampling a few goodies, and of course, using their famous baking soda in my baked goods. Sure, I also have a box sitting in my fridge, absorbing odors.  Everyone knows you should so this.  […]

After School Snack with Go-GURT


I remember clearly, my days in elementary school. Every day my cousin and I would ride the bus to my grandmothers house, where we would race each other to the living room, each of us vying for the best seat in the house…the couch.  Well, I always wanted the couch – he always wanted her […]

Spooky Delicious…Spiderweb Pancakes


Halloween. It’s upon us, folks.  Before you know it, the kiddos will be dressed as ghosts and goblins (what’s a goblin even LOOK like?), zombies, witches, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  A few days later, we’ll set the clocks back and then it will snow and we’ll all go buy Christmas presents and champagne for […]

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