I’m a little creampuff…

Okay, okay. I was supposed to be baking for the coffeeshop today, but I knew I could get it all done, so instead, I surfed around the Dorie group looking at all of the weekly baked goods. Low and behold, I tripped right onto Spatulas & Corkscrews boat and saw her pictures and recipe for the most decadent looking creampuffs and eclairs. Baby Seven was sleeping, so, what the hey, I gave it a shot. It’s labor intensive, yes, what with the one egg at a time, and all of the piping (it would be much easier with an assembly line) but the results – Oh My. This will be something I make, and make often. I made some sweet whipped cream for half, and for the other half I added some peanut butter to the cream. Geez Louise, that was good. I had to eat a few to make sure, but decided that yes, they were definitely worth all the trouble. Best yet, I have 3 ziplock bags of unfilled eclairs packed away in the freezer for a rainy day. So, thanks so much Donna – you rock! (and more than just like sea-sick rock!)

I did manage to make a batch of Apple Cinnamon muffins today, see? I really was doing what I was supposed to be doing! And, as I type, a bunch of Lemon Squares are cooling so that I can cut them up and powder them.

Hey – I made dinner, too – and vacuumed, and did 3 loads of laundry, picked up the house AND kept the baby alive! (though I did find him inside the bouncy seat at one point when I wasn’t paying so much attention, ooops!)

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