My Kitchen, My World…Join the Trip!

After much thought and deliberation (and much demanding from a hungry husband) I have set up this blog to document the journey of experiencing other cultures through food. That’s right – food…that I make. And YOU make. Each week a country will be chosen, and we adventurous types will have 7 days to find a recipe for a dinner that takes us there for a fraction of the plane fare!There are so many great baking groups out there already (like Daring Bakers & Tuesdays With Dorie, for example) but we need food food, too, right? Ever wanted to make Paella? Gnocchi? Stir Fry or Jamaican Jerk? Well, here’s your chance. One dinner a week, start to finish, make a meal that takes you places. What could be better than that?Join the group – its a big world out there!All you need is a hungry belly, a blog to document your journey, the ability to post at least twice a month, and a kitchen! Each week we will vote as a group who had the most inventive and delicious looking dinners – who knows, maybe one day we’ll even give prizes other than ego boosts!Send an email to mykitchenmyworld (at) gmail (dot) comand I will get back to you ASAP with the cuisine of the week!Buon Appetito!
Week One – Brazil!!
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