Tuesdays With Dorie…French Chocolate Brownies

Although this post comes to you on Tuesday, as it should, to me it is actually Wednesday, as I will be on vacation when posting time comes. Thank goodness for blogspot allowing me to prepost this!

This weeks selection was the French Chocolate Brownies. Yes, I was excited, because I do love a good brownie, but I was also skeptical as I just can’t say too many good things about the word “french” when it comes to baked goods for me. Everything seems so delicate, so difficult…so French. I can screw up just about anything, however, after reading and re-reading this recipe, it really didn’t sound too complicated.

I got started on it just before 10pm (is that my witching hour? It seems I always start something at that time!) The real reason I started it then was because Sev had already gone to bed, but most importantly, Jon was here and would be able to help me with the flaming of th alcohol. I just don’t do fire. It freaks me out. So while he watched TLC or Bobby Flay or Deadliest Catch I made sure I had everything at the ready.

I did have to deviate a bit from Dorie’s recipe. First off, I only had 4 oz. of bittersweet chocolate, at at that time of night, I wasn’t going to the store for more. So I used a few Semi-Sweet mini chips and a handful of Milk Chocolate chips as well. I can’t say with certainty that I got right at 6 oz., but it was close. It may have been closer to seven, but oh well. Second deviation was that I don’t dig raisins. An oatmeal raisin cookie is good, but raisins in a brownie just sounds wrong to me. So my solution was strawberries. I chunked some yummy berries up and threw them in te sauce pan. They smelled FAB while cooking, just like when making jam. Then instead of rum (even though we had it) I used Grand Marnier. It really didn’t light too well, but that’s beside the point…that concoction was yummy! Everything else mixed just as Dorie said it would – beautiful color, light and fluffy – I was proud! After about 56 minutes, I yaked them out and they were PERFECT! That flavor of strawberries mixed throughout is awesome – because you can’t see the berries anywhere, it leaves you wondering what that fantastic flavor is! All in all, I am thrilled with these delicate little brownies…they are sure to be a hit with my friends and family at the beach this week…if they make it that far!

Now, go check out all of the other TWD brownie bakers this week…I’m sure there will be lots of great adaptations! (I bet peach would be great too! Maybe next time!)
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