CocoaCabana Cupcakes….

Truth is, I’ve lost it, people. With the kitchen being in disarray due to the water leak, Jon being out of town still, the baby teething, family reunions, and staying at my folks, cooking and baking have been literally put on the back burner. However, I did make a batch of “box variety” cuppys for the family reunion, which I altered the snot out of, if you must know. I knew I wanted chocolate, but also coconut. that’s too easy, though. Then I saw the ginormous bottle of pina colada mix in the fridge, and DING DING DING – that’s the answer. So here is a demented Devils Food cupcake in all its glory, made “islandy” by yours truly. What does is taste like? you ask? Well, it tastes like a chocolate cake with smooth pina colada undertones. And the icing reminds me of german chocolate icing, but that’s because of the coconut, I guess. Next time, I will omit one egg, because these puff up way too much and have a tendency to overspill. keep that in mind if you decide you must make them. they were really very tasty, but the icing makes them a little unattractive because of the clumpiness and inability to pipe.

Alright. Give me a break. I made them between 3 and 4 in the morning. No one is perfect. I’ll make them again in thje future though, so let that statement be your guide.

At the Cocoa, Cocoa Cabana…they fell in love…………

CocoaCabana Cupcakes

Box Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake

1/2 cup oil

3 eggs (I would use 2 to reduce the poof)

1 1/3 cups pina colada mixer

1 tsp. Coconut Extract

1/2 tsp Pineapple Extract

1/4 cup sweet coconut flakes

Mix all ingredients well, pour into cupcake liners. (From one box I was able to make 24 regular size and 20 minis – that’s with 3 eggs – pour lightly if you go the 3 egg route!) Bake at 350 for 19-23 minutes.


1/4 cup white chocolate chips, melted

1/8 cup milk chocolate chips, melted with the white chocolate

4 oz cold cream cheese, well beaten

1/2 stick butter, cold

1 cup (to taste and consistancy) powdered sugar

splash coconut extract

1/4 cup sweetened coconut flakes

Beat Cream Cheese and butter untl smooth. Add melted chocolate, continue to beat. Add extract. Add sugar until desired flavor and consistancy. Add coconut. Pipe onto cupcakes or spread with spatula. Enjoy!

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