Cupcakes Galore…

This weekend I have company. Jon’s folks are here because this weekend is the Country Club’s Member/Guest Tournament, and Jon and his dad play togehter. Last year they actually won some money…but this year Ron (Jon’s Dad) hurt himself while practicing – though it looks like he’s still going to try and play. Anyhoooo…that being said, we had a big dinner party here last night (big in terms of us old people, not like college frat party big, big like more than 10.) It was a lot of fun, and a LOT of sugar was involved. Kids were running wild. Adults were eating any and everything sweet that I put out on the counter (imagine 6 types of ice creams and sorbet, cupcakes with Reese Cups covered in white chocolate, a regular sized pie, and 5 jar pies) Lord, it was a lot of craziness. But so fun.

Because of the natire of the weekend – I made golf themed cuppys. I had seen these on Martha Stewarts Cute cupcake list (sorry, no link to it – but it’s out there) and thought, I can do something like that. What you have is a simple Vanilla Cupcake and Vanilla Buttercream Icing, colored green. Nothing too exciting. The golf balls are made in chocolate molds I bought off of Amazon, and are white chocolate filled with a mini Reese Cup. The icing i piped on using a Wilton tip made for grass/hair – and being my first experience trying to pipe anything like this – I think it turned out okay.

Another cupcake I made for this weekend is the Strawberry Milkshake Cupcake. It starts with a vanilla cake base, added malt and strawberry extract. The icing is again a vanilla buttercream, with added malt powder and pink coloring. I topped it with a strawberry Whopper and some tiny white nonpariels.

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