Tuesdays With Dorie…Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

Can I just say I LOVED this cobbler? I wasn’t going to make it at all, as I have never had rhubarb and wasn’t sure I would like it. Same with cherries. Can you believe I had never eaten a cherry until this summer?? What?? Just never had. It’s the pits. (hahaha) I don’t eat grapes, either. Small food items that are bite-sized but unable to be eaten whole due to seeds are not for me. I’m lazy….what else can I say??

The dough for Dorie’s cobbler came together so easy for me, even without the use of a FP. Why do all of her recipes have to involve a FP? I just used a pastry blender and it worked like a charm. And smelled great too!

I wouldn’t have thought of adding ginger, but I love the exotic flavor it gives this simple dough. I had also never seen a “real” cobbler I guess – maybe they are all made like this but I don’t think so, as our last cobbler wasn’t made this way. I LOVED the balls. I loved making them, lining them up, and of course, eating them!! I followed her instructions exactly on the filling and the topping (except I 3/4ed the filling and kept the topping the same, I like extra topping- my only addition was a smattering of coarse sugar on top for a little crunch. I also took her advice and ate it with vanilla ice cream – and while it was still warm. It reheats fantastically well a couple of days later, despite any rules for how long it will stay good – I had another piece 2 days after making it and it was delish.

Instead of using an 8 by 8 as she suggested, I just used a few little tart pans. I was really scared they would run over, but nope!! Everything stayed perfectly put.

Although I didn’t take pictures, I made this topping again using only AP flour and filled it with blueberries and blackberries and omitted half the ginger in favor of lemon zest. Super YUM! I love that all of Dorie’s recipes seem so versatile – how can you go wrong with a Dorie recipe??

Now, scoot over to all of the other TWD blogs…next week is a galette… (shhh, I already made it. It’s fab.)
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