Toby Keith’s Got Nuthin’ On MeMe…

That’s right, I wanna talk about ME, I wanna talk about I, wanna talk about Number One oh My Me My…

Well, not really. But I’ve been tagged again. Oh yeah, uhhh-giiin. People just can’t get enough of me, that’s all I have to say about that. I’m an internet rock star, just ask me. I’ll tell you just how cool I really am.

This time, Lisa, Miss Bumblebutton herself, tagged me. Was I too obvious at the Bloggerparty Bar again?? tsk tsk. I must be getting drunk. Hey? When did that cowboy get here? And is he with anyone other than that horse?

Anyhoooo…I just played the name 6 things randomly about me tag. So, gotta change it up a bit. Make it a little more, um, well, different. So here’s a new MeMe. If this somehow gets back to me I will probably pee my pants. Seriously, I just might. I have no idea where the loo is in this Bloggerparty, and if I keep drinking, my bladder’s gonna give sooner or later.

So, MeMe Rules:

1. Take a random picture of something around your house. Then post it with no explanation.

2. Write a haiku using your initals as the start of each line.

3. The haiku is not an option.

4. Is something currently baking in your kitchen? If so, what?

5. Tag 3 people to repost this MeMe, including a link back to who tagged you. Let your tagger know that you have posted.

Okay. Sounds fine.

MeME DoughmessticStyle…


2. SSW Haiku

Sometimes I have to

Say things that make you wonder

When my rhubarb grows

3. I did it!

4. Yes, Malted Milk Brownies.

TAG!! Your it! (now, get away from the cowboy… he’s mine.)

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