Tuesdays With Dorie…Chocolate Chunkers

For this weeks TWD, Claudia of Fool for Food selected Chocolate Chunkers on page 70 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking, From My Home to Yours.

What a COOKIE. It’s a grown up cookie, that’s for sure. Rich and fudgey, nutty, yummers.

Of course, I had to change it up a bit, being the me that I have become. I shall now talk about myself only in the third person, because this Susan is that person, and Susan would want it that way.

Just kidding. That was a pseudo-reference to Project Runway, and the Suede factor. Shout out CB – I know if anyone gets me here, you do.

Okay, Susan’s changes. (sorry…that would be MY changes.)

No raisins. What is it with Dorie and dried up shrivelly old fruit? She likes it almost as much as butter. Gag. I can eat them, but, um, I prefer my calories from something that tastes good. So I used coconut. Whaaaat? Yes, I did. Oh yeah, coconut and raisins are completely interchangeable because they are like the same thing. You see, coconut grows on a living thing, and raisins grow on a living thing, and so they are the same. Except raisins taste like butt and coconuts don’t. That’s the only difference. Well, that, and you can’t shred raisins, or at least I have never seen a recipe that calls for shredded raisins. So that’s another reason raisins are bad.

Was that a good choice or what? Yes it was. They were delish. Rich as the day is long (which is pretty daggone long around these parts.) I’ll make them again for sure. Oh, I did use walnuts and hazelnuts instead of peanuts…and I don’t remember if she called for it or not, but I used some white chocolate chips. You may notice that mine are very tall. Not sure why, but no matter. The tallness invites moistness, and we all just get along.

Next week Michelle of Bake-en selected Dimply Plum Cake. Hmmm. Susan is not so keen on plums, either. I mean, I am not keen on plums. And no, do not return here next week looking for Dimply Coconut Cake. Sheesh.

You should now scoot yourself over to the other Dorie-Lover pages and see what they thought of these cookies. Some of them like raisins, I bet. They did not realize that coconut and raisins were interchangeable in the recipe due to their sameness factor. I hope they stop by here and learn something today.

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