Tuesdays WithOUT Dorie…But Look Anyway

Hey there. I know you areon the hunt for yet another version of Dimply Plum Cake…but sorry. No cake here. I have been reading that it’s good, but you know, I don’t like breakfast cake. Nor do I like brown sugar in a cake. Nor do I like plums, or any other stone fruit in a cake. So I really don’t see how I could have made this one. Relax…I have never missed a TWD until today, and I have been here a long time. Besides, according to one particular broken ribbed TWDer, this recipe could be described as “barf-o.” Take it easy there, Duff, and chew on another Percoset…though I do have to agree with your analysis.

Okay, so what DID I make?
Cupcakes. Devils Food Cake with a Chocolate and Caramel Ganache, and topped with Chocolate Bubblewrap and a Chocolate Macaron filled with more Chocolate and Caramel Ganache.

Apparantly there is a store that sells this chocolate bubblewrap, but I don’t live there, and it was really easy to make, anyway. I just lined a small loaf pan with parchment, poured melted chocolate in it, smoothed it out, then pressed bubble wrap into it. A few hours later, I peeled off the wrap and voila – chocolate bubblewrap.
For the macaron, you can refer to my earlier post for directions. Seriously though, remember to put an empty pan on the bottom rack. I made the mistake of not doing so and had a macaron disaster. Not pretty. So follow the rules and you won’t have any trouble. The only thing different I did was to use caramel filled chocolates to make the ganache. Really yummy stuff. I used the leftovers to ice the cupcakes, and it worked really well.
I hope you will forgive this Dorie-less post, but worry not, I will be back next week with the Creme Brulee!! Until then, head on over to the other TWD bakers and check out their versions of the Dimply Plum Cake. Hope it isn’t barf-o.

Oh yeah, and it isn’t too late to join us in our as-of-yet unnamed Pie Challenge! I’ll be heading this up with a few fellow bloggers and hopefully we’ll have all the details for you soon – but – who doesn’t like PIE? Leave me a note and we’ll get you in the mix! (more details are in the post previous to this one…it’s gonna be fun!)