Family Day Field Trip…Hokie Homecoming

We set out yesterday about 9:30 to head to Blacksburg and watch the Hokies play. Jon is so big into tailgating, and while I do enjoy it, it just isn’t my favorite thing in the world to do. I mean, first off, I leave to food to him. He and his friend Adam built these fancy VT shaped tailgate grills and so every game, he’s there grilling one meat or another. Apparantly men think the only food group is meat. His friends, the “Chrises” as we call them, were supposed to bring “vegetables” – which consisted of chips made of corn, and cheese, a vegetable I am unfamiliar with. And that was it. No sides, no nothing, just chicken wings grilled on the fancy grill. Luckily I brought those pumpkin whoopie pies (a big hit), or else, well, nevermind. The wings were good.

It was pretty chilly early on, but as the day wore on it got HOT. So hot, in fact, that we left the sweltering stadium at halftime and went to our friends RV tailgate. They had a huge spread there – and AC, as well as TVs and shade. So that was fun.

Here are a few little shots of Seven and his first real Hokie Game…and a look at some Hokie inspired cupcakes I made. They are coconut, dual-colored with gel coloring and iced with cinnamon cream cheese icing that I piped on with a gel lined piping bag.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!