Tuesdays With Dorie…World Peace Cookies

Jessica of cookbookhabit chose World Peace Cookies, on page 138-139 for this week’s Tuesdays With Dorie. It just so happens that I absolutely LOVE these cookies, but my big ol’ butt does NOT need to be consuming any of them at this juncture. You may recall that I did a post on them back in the summer, so, I am just going to go with it and post a picture or two of that batch. If you want to see how everyone else fared, check them out here.

I was fortunate enough to lose a few pounds on my trip to Italy over the past couple of weeks, but I really haven’t gotten back into the swing of things here at Casa DoughMessTic, and baking isn’t high on my list as of yet. I start working at my store again tomorrow, plus I guess I should alert the Cafe that I am back on American soil in case he needs more goodies to sell, and then of course, it’s time to do our taxes. I swear I just did them…can it really have been a year? What does any of this rambling have to do with ANYTHING, you ask?

Nothing, really.

I guess what I am trying to say is this – Please just bear with me until I am up and running again. I am looking to be a better blogger in the very near future, but I feel that I need to devote some time to getting my home life in order before taking the internet by storm.

I WILL be back.

You just wait and see.
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