Cupcake Pop Throwdown

So I am at work today, computerless, bored out of my gourd.

(Note to self – Make sure computer is working again ASAP.)

Anyway, I pull out my beloved iPhone and check my Tweeties. Gotta love that phone. So CB tweets about her weekend plan of making Cupcake Pops for the first time. Decides that maybe she needs to make it more interesting and get the rest of the continent involved. I could have been strong, you see, I have made cupcake pops before. Did a good job with them, too. So good, in fact, that I had to make about 732 of them over the summer for the cafe, at which time I thought I would rather chew my own face off than make another freaking cupcake pop.

But I have been fighting the urge the make them again…why, I’ll never know. So seeing CB set up a Throwdown, well, I decided to throw my ring in the hat. Or is it hat in the ring? What does that even mean, Hat in the Ring?

My hat in the ring meant Cupcake Pops and this weeks TWD cookies at the same time.

Sadly, neither turned out all that grand.
I had high hopes, really. Little CB Tweetie Bird let it slip that the CakePop Master, Bakerella, was posting bunnies on Sunday. So Bunnies were out. Can’t compete with that chick. She was on Martha, you know. As in, the Martha. And don’t bother going to her site, she’ll just make you sick at your core with all of her creativity. I’m gagging just thinking about it.
Where was I? Oh yeah…bunnies out. Chickies out, too, because you-know-who made those too. So that left me with grass. Or Easter eggs. For the life of me I couldn’t think of a single Easter symbol other than Jesus, and I am not adding “Made Jesus Faced Cupcake Pops in 2009” to the Why-Susan-Shouldn’t-Get-Into-Heaven list. Not going there, people. I guess I could have made the big rock that blocked his burial chamber, but I just wasn’t feeling it. And so I went back to grass. And eggs.
The eggs won out for reasons I’m sure you can ascertain without my spelling it out for you.

I decided not to go the stick method, as I just wanted a few little eggies all fancied up and looking cute. I got detered at egg 3, since eggs 1 and 2 looked rather lame-o. In the past I have always used almond bark to dip with, but tonight I used candy melts…and added in some shortening to think it down a bit. Maybe it made it too greasy to write on with my Edible Writers? Maybe my hands were to warm to hold the stupid eggs? Maybe I should have went with grass after all?

Oh well, here they are. In all of their non-glory. At least they taste good.

And don’t look like rocks.

At least not all of them do.

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