Friday Finds…Romano’s Macaroni Grill At Home

So how many of you actually watched the Ashton versus CNN Countdown? Nevermind. Don’ t answer that. None of you will admit it but all of you Twitter – and all of you were at least curious. As I write this, the Big A is about 1100 ahead. I imagine he wins. Yay for him. Yay for the DingDongDitch. Yay for $100k to end Malaria. I guess it’s all in the name of charity. So – Yay for Ashton.

For about, oh, half an hour I made it my mission to get Mr. Kutcher to follow ME, but alas, I am a very lackadaisical stalker, and I gave up after about 5 tweets. So, if any of you know @aplusk personally, tweet to him that he needs to follow @doughmesstic. Just saying. He might enjoy reading my tweets about aprons and bread. A man has to eat, right? So I’m not Rumer, or Larry King or Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days. I still have important things to say.

Like this.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill. You know the place? That fun little Italian Eatery?? Well, did you know they now offer meals you can make yourself at home? Well – they do! Click here to read my review of this new product, and enter to win a great prize pack consisting of a box of your own to try, along with a nice little pasta set to boot! I have 3 of these goodies to pass around – so Click! Comment! Win!

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