Sous Chef in the House

If you have a kid…stick around.

If your child is anything like my son Seven, the kid is always underfoot when you are in the kitchen. As in always. Dragging out pots, begging for a whisk, a spoon, the measuring cups. Wanting to pour the flour or drink the milk or open the oven door. Seven especially likes to stir ingredients and turn on the microwave. He’s gotten really good at that.
Did you know there is a company out there that encourages this behavior? It’s called The Playful Chef, and it is incredible. Seven has the set called “The Little Playful Chef Cooking Kit”. Although it’s target age group is 3 to 5 year olds, Seven loves it, and he is only 20 months. He whisks, he pours, he drags the measuring spoons over to the dogbowls and throws out their food. And the apron? Oh my is it ever cute!! I was surprised at how many things came in the kit – a full set of measuring spoons and cups, a metal bowl, a whisk, a spoon and spatula, scissors (which I put away, even though they are plastic), the apron, laminated recipes (which are great, think molten cakes!), even a little baking pan! Now that he has his own tools and I have mine, we get along great!
As I mentioned, the target age group is 3 to 5, but I can see my nephews really enjoying this set as well. They are 5 and 6, almost 6 and 7. So you could get a lot of use out of a kit like this!
Seven also has the Playful Farmer’s Market Set. I love the idea of this one! Last year we took Seven a few times to the local Farmer’s Market. He enjoyed the hustle and the crowds, plus eating the fresh cherries and peaches in his stroller! This year, I think he will enjoy it even more now that he can communicate and make his opinion known! I will be sure to take the new Farmers Market set because it includes his own re-useable Veggie Bag. When we get home with our purchases, the kit includes a little scrubber, so I know he will have a good time washing all of the goodies! For older kids, there is a map showing where different fruits and vegetables are grown, as well as info on the different plants, so it would be a great way to get your kids involved in the shopping. Who wouldn’t rather have their kids pick an unusual fruit, like a papaya or kiwi over a box of cookies? Giving them a choice and the knowledge to make good, healthy decisions will encourage a healthier lifestyle that will stick with them throughout their lives.
You should really check out the Playful Chef website. They have so many cute, educational products. It is a great way to bond with your kids or grandkids – and who doesn’t want that?

Once you have visited their site, come back here and tell me which of these three items you would most like to have:
  • Playful Chef French Cooking Set – Learn about French culture, food regions, and geography through 5 fabulous French recipes. Includes Chef’s hat, rolling pin, and enamel pan.
  • Farmer’s Market Set Featuring a reusable cotton shopping bag, this set makes learning about fresh fruits & veggies fun, whether you’re at the grocery store or your local farmer’s market.
  • The Playful Chef Cookbook 33 educational and healthy recipes.

Now tell me why you would choose that item. How are you going to use it? With whom?

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