Happy Mother’s Day

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and an especially nice Mother’s Day. I know I did. Yesterday, Seven and I went to a Mother’s Day Dinner with my Mom,which was really great because I got to see lots of my favorite women – my aunts Sue & Sylvia, and my cousins Lisa and Katie and her new baby girl. I also got to watch my son in action in the “play kitchen” – and realize that he is most definitely my son. Not so much because of his pretend kitchen play, but because of this one little thing…

There was a shelf in the oven of the pretend kitchen. Seven took it out, but couldn’t figure out how on Earth to get it back in. I watched him, never saying anything. He refused to give up, just kept trying to shove it back in. Finally, after 5 or 6 minutes, he stood it on end right inside the oven door. It balanced there momentarily, long enough for him to do the “hands-off” test, tiptoe back…and quickly slam the door closed.

Oh yeah, that’s my boy. Just like my pots and pan cabinet. God knows what will fall out of that if you aren’t careful.
Today, Mother’s Day, I got a beautiful card from Jon and Seven, as well as a couple of planters full of flowers for the garden. I also got my car washed and the patio stained. So… pretty sweet deal. We ate across the street at my grandparents house, which again, was nice. It’s always nice to spend time with the family…or at least it is for me.

For my own Mom, Seven and I made her a watercolor butterfly out of paper cutouts of Sev’s hands and feet – yes, we are poor…it’s the thought that counts, right? And for the other grandmothers we made cards that Seven colored and had flowers made out of his handprint. So if you are ever as poor as us, or want a little project to do with your little one, this was pretty fun. Anyone can go to WalMart and buy a card, but it takes just a few minutes to sit down and get creative with your child to make something a little more special.

Again, I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day! Check back here tomorrow for another Giveaway – yep, another one…and this one is great!

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