Another Catered Wedding…take a peek!

Unfortunately, the pictures from this wedding are not very good – the lighting was terrible. But as you can see, the food was set up in a small family dining room. We had the center table witht chafing pans of pasta salad, a fabulous tiered stand full of chicken salad filled puffs & Southwestern Ham Roulades, and a mirrored tray of fruits.

There was an antique buffet along one wall that I placed another mirror filled with cheeses, crackers and lots of vegetables. On the opposite wall we were given a round table to make use of, so I used a tiered plate stand and a mirror there to display more vegetables and cheeses. This way, we could have guests graze through the room and have access to the same items no matter which side of the main table they went down.

Once the guests had all eaten and made their way outside for some dancing and cake cutting, we cleaned up the buffet and replaced the hors d’oeuvres with a sweets assortment. We had everything from sliced watermelon to mini red velvet cupcakes to chocolate chip cookies and mini cheesecakes. We also had those sugar cookies I posted a couple of days ago, and they really were a hit.

Just thought I would share my latest endeavor with you! Oh, and brag a little on my fantstic Hubby…he built me that tiered stand you see on the center of the table! It is 3 tiers, ranging from 18 inch square up to 28 inches square – so HUGE! He painted them white, and then trimmed them out in a decorative wooden molding he stained a gorgeous cherry color. They are beyond what I hoped for, and really set a great stage, don’t you think! He’s amazing – I love you Kit!

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