Beach Cookies & More of the Raid

Last week I made these for a friend who was going to the beach with her whole family. I know this family. That’s gonna be one wild week, for sure. I hope they are having fun!

As you can see, I did swimsuits, beachballs, palm trees, seahorses and crazy shirts. This was a really fun order and now I am too excited to use all of the new cookie cutters I bought from Fancy Flours! So if anyone is in the mood for some random cookies, please let me know, I have SO many fun shapes now – nearly 200!

Day Eight Rundown: No Money Spent. Yippee!

Breakfast: Seven had waffles and whatever Mom gave him. I worked again, so she took over.

Lunch: Sev ate with Mom & Dad. I got my hair cut, so Mom made me a turkey sandwich. Jon took leftovers from the night before.

Dinner: I made us a couple of the Boston Market dinners in the freezer (they were Beef & Noodles), and we added a salad and Green Beans. Not too exciting, but we’ve been too busy to worry about it.

20 Days to Go, $82.77 left to spend.

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