Spending Fool. Yeah, that’s me.

Day 24 Rundown: Spent $21.69 – Whoops. Oh well, I wanted this stuff. And I have my reasons.

My Mom and I went shopping on Friday. My Granddad has become obsessed with owning a Garmin, so, I saw that Target was having a sale on one and we went to go buy it for him. While we were out, we stopped to eat, hence, $9.20 for Seven and I to eat. Plus, we stopped by Kroger’s so that I could take advantage of their big sale. I spent $12.49 there. Here’s what I added to the stock:

  • 3 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
  • 3 Bags Shredded Sargento Cheese
  • 1 Sargento’s Provolone Slices
  • Cilantro
  • 1 Pack Hotdogs
  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 1 quart of Strawberries
  • 1 Bag Baby Spinach

Great deal, I think! I would typically pay over $25 for this on sale, even, so I feel good about it. We are going to a cookout tonight (Saturday) and I am in charge of the salad and dessert, so I neded most of these ingredients. We are also going to a potluck on Sunday as part of another Couples Golf Tourney (dear Lord, who am I?) so I should be covered. I can make it until Tuesday. I think. 🙂

Breakfast: Seven ate a Peach, Ham and a piece of cheese. I skipped.

Lunch: Jon is back, so I packed him a can of Ravioli, some snack crackers, a peach and some of my Daring Bakers Challenge. Seven and I shared a plate of Tortellini Robusto at Fazoli’s. It actually tasted pretty good, and Seven loved the breadsticks.

Dinner: I followed a recipe for Chicken Legs I found over at the Pioneer Woman’s new site – Tasty Kitchen. it’s a great little site – you should check it out! So we had Chicken Legs, green beans, and leftover Mac & Cheese. For dessert I baked a couple of peaches sprinkled with sugar and butter.

4 Days to Go, $3.68 left to spend.

Now, let me tell you some randomness. Apparantly, whenever you mention real life around here, people perk up. At least they do on Twitter. So here goes:

Today I got up at the ButtCrack of dawn and went yard sale shopping. I lucked onto a practically new (it looks perfect) Eddie Bauer Convertible Car Seat. It’s gorgeous. I was currently using one of those crazy buckle/puzzle/Mensa Membership required Car Seats, and Jon has our really nice Eddie Bauer Seat. Well, no fair, I say. I bought the new one today of twenty bucks. Stoked. She charged waaay to little. I also scored a little play tent with Dora and Boots on it, a Little People Fire Truck with the Little People in it, a BackYardigans doodle pad, a book, a John Deere tractor, the CUTEST rubber boots for Seven to splash around in our creek in, a pair of tennis shoes (looked unworn), some crazy Fisher-Price toy with balls in it, and for me, a cake carrier and 2 Cake Doughnut pans. Guess what I gave for ALL of it, including the Car Seat? $29. Yippee.

Today I recieved Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Oh My. Julia?? How is it I have lived without you all this time?? And why must you not have Mastering the Art of Italian Cooking? Or Japanese Cooking? Or Mexican, or American?? I love the way this book is laid out. Simple. Refreshing. It’s like someone is there, holding your hand. I can’t seem to get away from how many different potato recipes there are! Oh, cheesy, starchy goodness. Look to be seeing lots of Julia Child recipes around here in the next few weeks. Lots. I highly recommend you go ahead and pick up this book while you still can. Once the movie hits, it may be a wait!

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