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You may have noticed my absence for the past week…(did you notice? I hope so.)  My husband and I were in a wedding in Newport, Rhode Island over the weekend, and since we were already 14 hours from home, we decided to extend our trip for a few extra days. Neither of us had been to Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, so we cruised around and saw the sites.  Beautiful up there, especially now with the leaves.  Just gorgeous.  We spent the entire day Tuesday just hitting the highway from Portland, Maine across New Hampshire, to Brattleboro, Vermont (okay, that town is a little kookie) to Bennington, Vermont (soooo cute!) and then through New York and Pennsylvania. 13 and a half hours, and we didn’t kill each other!  We stayed the night at my high school best friends house, and it was so great to be able to catch up with her.  I just wish we had had more time!  She stressed about making me muffins. Whaaat? Do i stress you all out?  Are you frigtened of what I think?  Eeeek.  I’m so not that person!  I’m just happy to be eating at all!

I was  lucky enough to schedule a couple of Blogger Stops.  In Warwick, I met up with Donna of Spatulas & Corkscrews on her sailboat.  She’s not kidding you guys! She really does live on a boat with a tiny little kitchen.  Now I know where she sits when she is blogging, what she’s probably watching on her flat screen, and what color her throw pillows are!  It was so nice to be able to put a face with a blog – it changes a lot!

I also met up with the elusive Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch while we were in Warwick.  I know what she looks like! (Not telling. She keeps herself so well hidden!)  I found her kitchen amazing.  She’s taken an average size workspace and divided it into a real chef’s kitchen.  She even has a peg board just like Julia Child!  And speaking of Julia – her little kindergartener – what a cutie!  She’s even more precious in person.  Jon ate her up…they talked dinosaurs while Jayne and I chatted.  So much fun!  Jayne, of course, tells the story of our meeting in much more humorous fashion – check it out!

susandcarrieOn Monday I met up with Carrie of Fields of Cake at her home in Brunswick, Maine.  I knew I was going to like her, but WOW…I didn’t realize how much.  We’re the same age, love cake, and we were both in magazines recently!  While I was there, the UPS man brought her advanced copies of Get Married, and her little horsie cupcakes were in there!  So cute.  I wish I could have stayed longer, or maybe packed her up and taken her along with me. I need her cake genius!  Hopefully she’ll move down here with her husband and kids when he retires from the Navy…probably not a lot of Naval business going on here in the mountains.  So, Carrie – look in to that.:)

I’ll be back to posting in the next day or so…just got to get my kitchen legs back, so sit tight!  Until then, here are a few pictures I snapped on our trip…enjoy!      lighthouse

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