Petti al Mascarpone, by Paula of Bell’alimento

Good Day, lucky readers! Today you are blessed with a post by my friend Paula of Bell’Alimento – a wonderful Italian Cookie! She’s always whipping up something that makes me long for a vacation to my favorite home away from home…Italy! Treat her nice, maybe she’ll come back sometime! Thanks Paula!

I bet you’re wondering where Susan is? Lucky girl is off in NYC (New Yawk C-tay) Sorry couldn’t resist, living it up with Martha (yes that Martha) so I’m filling in just for the day while she’s gone. I kinda feel like Jay Leno when he was subbing for Johnny. But, fear not, she’ll be back shortly with a hilarious update I’m sure! I know I can’t wait to hear all about it.

In case you’re wondering, I’m Paula from bell’alimento & the evah so fabulous Susan just created an ah-mazing Chocolate Truffle Brownie recipe for me & now I’m happily returning the favor! If you’re not familiar with me, I am mad about Italian food ; that’s what I do over on my little spot on the web! One of the many things Sus & I have in common is our LOVE for all things Italian.

Since she created such a dee-vine dessert for me, I thought it only fitting to create an entrée for you! This is a chicken dish that everyone in my family lurves (& hopefully everyone in yours will now too)! It’s Petti al Mascarpone or bettah known as {Chicken Breasts stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese} Mascarpone is simply Italian Cream Cheese and it’s like no other! It’s not your regular Philly Cream Cheese. Don’t worry though, it’s easily found in most groceries. This dish makes a beautiful meal (especially if you slice it into little spirals)! & hello is it filling. The chicken breasts are stuffed with Prosciutto (ah, glorious Prosciutto), sautéed Mushrooms & Mascarpone! They look so fancy, they’ll think you slaved in the kitchen, but I won’t tell! I have seen this dish with the Prosciutto wrapped around the outside as well, but I like mine on on the inside.

You might even want to whip up a batch of those Chocolate Truffle Brownies for dessert. ; ) Just sayin’…

Buon Appetito & thanks so much for letting me stop by!

Petti al Mascarpone

What you’ll need:

4-6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – Butterflied

4 tbsp unsalted butter

1 16oz package Mushrooms – Sliced

Juice of 1 lemon

2 cloves of garlic – gently crushed

1 handful of fresh flat leaf Italian Parsley – Roughly Chopped

4-6 pieces of Prosciutto

1 8oz container of Mascarpone – room temperature

Salt & Pepper

Additional Items: Toothpicks, Saran Wrap, Aluminum Foil & Cooking Spray

What to do:

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Spray a roasting pan (large enough for all of your pieces of chicken to fit comfortably – you don’t want to crowd them, use two pans if necessary) with cooking spray & set aside. Squeeze the lemon juice onto the sliced mushrooms & toss well. Heat butter into a medium sauté pan over medium heat. When melted, add the crushed garlic & cook until garlic is golden (to flavor the butter). REMOVE garlic & discard. Increase heat to med-high & add the mushrooms & parsley & cook for approx 6-8 minutes until mushrooms have released their water and cooked down. Stir often. When finished, season with s/p, remove from heat & set aside & allow them to cool. (SAVE HALF of your mushrooms to garnish the dish with, the other HALF will be used to stuff the chicken breasts)

WHILE mushrooms are cooking, take your butterflied pieces of chicken, season them with s/p & place a piece of saran wrap on top of your chicken breasts & pound them out with a mallet. Once they’re nice and even (to your desired thickness) it’s time to assemble: To each chicken breasts: add a piece of prosciutto, place equal amounts of mascarpone onto each chicken breast & then top with equal amounts of cooled mushroom mixture. Fold the chicken over itself & secure with toothpicks. Continue until all pieces are assembled.

Place the chicken onto your roasting pan. Cover your pan with foil & cook for approx 25-35 minutes (I like mine a little thicker so they naturally take longer to cook). Cooking time will depend on the thickness of your chicken breasts. Check them for 20 minutes and continue checking every 5 mins after until done. If you’re unsure, cut a piece in half to check doneness. Right before chicken is complete gently re-heat the reserved mushrooms, adding a smidge of butter just until warmed through.

To serve, remove toothpicks, slice chicken in half or into equal slices, plate & top with the reserved mushrooms (& more Parsley if you desire) & serve immediately. Would be fab served with some Risotto.

Baci e’ Buon Appetito!

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