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UPDATE: This contest has ENDED. Thanks everyone for playing!

I was doing so well.

I was. Julia Child and I were bosom buddies, cooking things up for 3 hours at a time.

Yep, you heard me right. Three Hours. That’s a lot of time to hover over the oven. Not that the meals weren’t totally worth it…they were! But with all this crazy cakery bakery I have going on these days, we’re lucky to have Velveeta Shell’s & Cheese for dinner.

I could do it, though. A recipe every other week or so, alongside Mrs. Child. And I think I will. I’ll do it! And to inspire me into getting it done, and to inspire YOU to come back and keep me in check, I am hosting a very Francais Giveaway. Lucky you!

Check out this loot…


This is a sweeeeet prize pack, valued at over $300! Don’t you want it? (I do, I do!)

To win this fantastic array of goodies, you need to do the following (other than living in the lower 48 States, sorry Alaska, Hawaii & Intl’s):

First entry – you MUST be a follower on Twitter. There’s no room for discussion. Just leave a comment saying you follow me, and what your Twitter Handle is. New Followers, same thing. Just say I now follow you, tell me your handle. If you can’t follow me on Twitter, I am sorry, but that is how I will be announcing the winner. No need to bother with the extra entries, they won’t count.

Second entry – Retweet my giveaway, then leave another comment saying you did so.

Third entry – Become a Fan on Facebook. If you are already, thanks! If you aren’t, I want you to be! Just make sure to leave a third comment saying you are a FAN. You can click here to become a Facebook Fan of DoughMessTic.

That’s it this time, folks. Three chances to win.

I hope you use them all, and GOOD LUCK!

*Prizes are courtesy of She’s Becoming DoughMessTic and are not sponsored in any way. Thanks!

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