Tart Apple Salsa and Chicken Po’Boys


Don’t run away from the idea of the tart apple in the title up there.  Even my husband – a thoroughly “no fruit shall touch my meats” purist (giggle) really loved this salsa.  And this sandwich.  It was the epitome of fresh and summery…exactly what you need after a day in the near 100 degree mountain muggy heat.

Are you feeling it? This heat?  It’s only June.  JUNE.  And I’m nearly as tan at this moment as I was the day I stepped off the plane after a month long jaunt around Southeast Asia.  The heat is unbearable.  The humidity is ridiculous.  The pool is…well, the pool is full of toddlers and kiddos who don’t even seem to notice the mommies who really don’t like getting their hair wet…much less sweat.  But, it’s better than chasing a 2 year old around the backyard for hours on end. So – pool it is.

Yesterday I took Seven and my 6 year old nephew to the free movies in Christiansburg, where they promptly devoured an entire bucket of popcorn (The GIANT one), Goldfish crackers, Twizzlers, 2 Rice Krispy Treats, and 2 Capri Suns.  Of course, immediately after the movie, they were starved.  So, off to an Italian buffet for lunch. We followed that up by picking a few quarts of berries in the backyard (to make sorbet) and then off to the golf course to ride in the golf cart.  I expected that to be the end of my playtime.


They both saw the pool.  So we went and got changed and then hung out in chlorine hell for 3 more hours.  My ovaries are screaming, folks. “No More Babies, Susan.  No more.  One is enough!”  I think my ovaries are right. Whewwww.

So anyway, it was nearly 7 when I finally came home last night.  I needed quick.  I needed easy.  I needed something light and delicious.  Enter the Tart Apple Salsa and Chicken Po’Boys.



I am not a “shortcut” kind of person when it comes to food – especially meats.  But I was recently asked by Swanson to try out their new larger can of pre-cooked white meat chicken, so – lifesaver last night.  Can you believe I have never used canned chicken before?  Nope.  Not even once.  I was pleasantly surprised to find nice big chunks of chicken in there when I opened the can.  I guess I expected it to be all packed and shredded? I don’t know.  But it looked great!  So, I pulled out a small frying pan and set to work.

First things first, I made my salsa.  Super easy and full of mouth popping flavor.  I rationed out about 1/3 of the salsa and tossed it into the frying pan with some butter, just to cook it down a tad.  While that was happening, I buttered some nice french baguettes and popped them into the oven to crisp up on the insides. Yummmmm.  Then I tossed the chicken into the pan with the salsa that had been cooking, just to warm it up a little and maybe soak in some of the flavor.

Once the the baguettes were crisp, I pulled them out of the oven.  I also drained as much of the liquid off of the salsa/chicken concoction as possible, and started scooping it onto the open baguettes.  I topped each with some more of the reserved fresh salsa, then added slices of super soft and delicious mozzarella.  Then back into the oven they went for a minute or two to melt that  starchy goodness and give me enough time to cut up a cucumber and some lettuce for a nice side salad. Pulled them out, added a little shredded lettuce to the tops, put them on the plates with the salad, then…


Done and done.

Tart Apple Salsa

   makes enough for 4 Po’Boys

  • 2 ripe red tomatoes, diced
  • 1/2 Sweet Onion, such as Vidalia, diced
  • 1/2 Granny Smith Apple, diced
  • 1/2 bunch fresh cilantro, finely chopped
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together…enjoy!


We could have added mac and cheese or french fries to this meal, but the giant po’boy and salad were more than enough on a hot summer day.  And thanks to Swanson for the help!  Not only did they ask me to try out the chicken, they also gave me $10 to use to create the menu!  But that’s not all…they gave me coupons to give to YOU.  Not just any coupons, though – FULL VALUE coupons. 4 of them.  All for YOU.  So that you, too, can save yourself the hassle on summer evenings. (Or fall. Or winter. Hey – I’m lazy, what can I say?)  All you have to do is comment on this post.  Say whatever you want…just say SOMETHING.  And say it often!  You see, I am in a contest with 4 other (very popular) bloggers, and whoever gets the most comments wins a prize! I rarely win prizes.  And I NEVER win popularity contests.  Ever. (Hmmm. That sucks.)  So…help me out?  Say something?

Let’s try this…

  • Comment on what you think of my recipe.
  • Comment that you follow me on Twitter.
  • Comment that you tweeted a link to this post.
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  • Stumble this post, then comment.
  • Tell me your favorite canned meat.
  • Comment why you follow me at all.
  • Comment what hairstyle you think I need. (This is important.)


You get my drift.

Thanks folks!  This contest is going on until July 18, and I KNOW that’s a long time to wait for chicken.  But, humor me, okay?

OH!  News.  Remember last year’s not impossible impossible Food Challenge?  My Penny Pinching Pantry Raid?  Well – look out July, we’re doing it again!  This year, Jennelle of Delicious Potager will be co-hosting the challenge with me…yay! If you haven’t checked her site out, you should.  She’s a passionate foodie and I know having her in the challenge again will be fantastic!

As last year, YOU set the rules for your own family.  The goal is to clean out those stock piles in the freezer and pantry and save ourselves lots of cash! (And learn something as well.) This year, I intend to feed us again on $100 (That’s my family of 3) but also allow $25 for a special occasion and $25 for beverages.  That’s $150 to spend for 1 full month!

I’ll be posting more info on the challenge in the next few days, but I would love to hear from you now if you would be willing to join me!  Thanks!

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