Stuffed Zucchini


It seems no matter where you turn, you are faced with another zucchini recipe.  It’s the time of year – everyone is passing out zucchini to their neighbors left and right.  But I’ll guarantee you, three months from now, those same folks who are squalling “I hope I never see another zucchini in my lifetime” will be missing these glory days of the garden. zuc1


Since we are still working in the constraints of the Penny Pinching Pantry Raid, we did our best to use the ingredients we had on hand for this dish.  So, don’t expect to find a real “recipe” here, just a – this is what I did, and it was fab, so you may like it type of thing.

First off, we didn’t plant the typical zucchini this year.  In the past, we have been bombarded with the things. First 6 plants, which produced about a gozillion squash 3 years ago, then 2 plants, which also produced more than we could eat.  Now one plant, but it makes – ROUND zucchini.  Jon’s dad gave him the seeds for it – and I have to admit, I kind of like the novelty of it.  I also like that they are easier to deal with, especially for stuffing.  Which I did. Stuff it.

I took two out of the garden and halved them, and scooped out the seeds.  Once this was done, I started browning some beef, about a pound, that we had in the deep freezer.  I seasoned the beef with Worchestershire, garlic, onion, salt and pepper – and added some fresh sweet onion as well to the browning meat.  I also added quite a bit of fresh cilantro to the mix. Yum. Cilantro is my go to spice of the moment – I can’t get enough of it!zuc2

Once the beef was underway I made a box of rice from the pantry – I think it was Spanish Rice.  No matter, as long as it’s rice and tastes good!  I stirred the rice and beef together when they were both cooked, added a good amount of butter cubes, about 2 cups of shredded cheese and then filled each of the zucchini “bowls”.  These I popped into a 350 degree oven and walked away for 45 minutes.



As for the Raid, we are still well under budget.  That score with the leftovers form the wedding reception I catered kept Seven and I fed everyday last week. (And today, for that matter.)  We also attended a wedding over this weekend, so no meals out.  Seven and I did splurge last week on popcorn at the movies – $5. I know, ridiculous…but the movies were free, so I couldn’t deny him.  Jon picked up some Ragu at the store last week, and an onion, for $5.  From that he was able to make a huge pan of lasagna that we all ate on most of the week.  Good thing we aren’t opposed to leftovers! Last thing purchased was a gallon of milk – on sale for $3.  So- $13 spent last week.  Oh – Jon bought beer for $8 and I bought diet gingerale & Diet Dr. Pepper for $2.50 each. That means $26.  Way under budget for the month.

How are YOU doing?

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