Sick Kid? How do you keep them entertained?

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I’ve been a very lucky mother thus far. Aside from having to admit our son, Seven, back into the hospital for a week and a half a mere 7 days after bringing him home from being born, he’s really not been sick more than a couple of times. The one time I really remember was when we were visiting Jon’s parents. Imagine – a clean house, not used to little rugrats. Imagine the middle of the night. Imagine a 2 year old, “spilling his chicken” time and time again into your bed, into your hands, into the floor, everywhere. At your IN-LAWS. Imagine those in-laws telling your husband about the pieces of chicken and carrots they were still finding 2 weeks later. Not really all that fun to imagine – but it’s kind of funny to look back on now. Spilling His Chicken. That’s what we still call vomit. Spilled Chicken.

Now, while I have been lucky, like I said, there are still times when Sev just doesn’t feel good. Days when as much as I would like him to be able to go to school (we call daycare school) – it just isn’t going to happen. And truthfully, I like when the little guy wants to lay still and snuggle up with me. Its such a rarity as he is a three year old on the go. But, as you moms probably know – it’s nearly impossible to keep a kid – any kid – down for long. So what do you do to keep them occupied all day when they just don’t feel well?

IMG_6845 Sure, a couple of episodes of Backyardigans will come into play. But I think it’s a great opportunity to experiment with some easy activities that they are sometimes a little too wild to do! Take advantage of their slower time! One of my favorite things to do with Seven is to make cookies or brownies. He absolutely loves it. I measure everything, of course, but he gets such enjoyment out of pouring the ingredients into the bowl, using the whisk, turning on the oven and setting the temperature. He’s grown to be quite the little chef! What it does is keeps him occupied with new tasks, and really keeps him learning as well. I love implementing ways to teach him numbers, and what could be better than counting out chocolate chips or eggs? Seeing the numbers on the oven as it counts down is also something he learns from, and I really enjoy spending that kind of Mommy/Child time with him.

brwsev Another thing we like to do is Shrinky Dinks. In fact, we like to do them so much that I believe every family member has a necklace or keychain Shrinky Dink at this point! He’s grown into a pretty great artist as of late. He LOVES drawing pictures of Mommy & Daddy. We usually look deranged, but that’s probably pretty spot on in our case. I like that he has learned where to draw the facial features, as well as legs, arms, hair. But I think I love more that he let’s his imagination run wild when he draws. His SpiderFish are impressive!!

Are there things that you have found that are good activities for when your kids are out of school for a sick day? I would love to know! In the next couple of years Seven will be attending “real school” and I have no doubt there will be days when I have to keep him at home. Please share your suggestions!

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