Winners Abound

I have this feeling that you are relieved to hear that the Hass Avocado Tailgating recipe Contest has come to a close. All that begging for votes, reminders here, on Facebook, on Twitter. Trust me – I had a true distaste for it myself. But once I had entered, there was no way I could just give up and give in.

So I plugged along.

Everyday for nearly 3 weeks.

And last night, at 2:30am, the contest ended. Thank the LORD. And, thanks to YOU, I finished in the number one position!! Now, that doesn’t guarantee me the win, which is a bummer. You see, the contest is judged like this:

25% Audience Support, 25% Viral Reach, 25% Creativity, & 25% Relevance.

I am hoping that since I had the most votes (I won by over 80, having nearly 2100 votes!), and because I was the most Viral (I had a huge viral impact, thanks to you all reposting and visiting my website) – that this alone will be enough. In points I dominated the competition by nearly 6000. Kind of a landslide there. But, what will the judges think? It is their sole discretion. And now I am forced to wait until November 11 to find out if they are going to pick someone else. I did what I could – and so did you. So, thank you. SO MUCH.

I do intend to enter more cooking competitions in the very near future – but I will tell you this: I’m going to think LONG and HARD before entering one that involves voting. It’s like running for Homecoming Queen but being the homely girl with no boyfriend…no fun. I currently have a recipe in to the Today Show, so, fingers crossed for that, but I imagine there are about a bajillion entries. Not gonna hold my breath. If YOU are interested in entering a cooking challenge, but are a little timid – try the one over at Kitchen Play. Great prizes up for grabs, and NO VOTING. I think you’ll have fun with it!


Now, I have a few things to give you. First up is the egg cooking goodies.

LilSis – You won!! Please email me your contact info by Friday so that I can have this sent out to you!

2010/10/20 at 8:53 pm

I loved the video! Did I read somewhere that you said you were old? If you’re old, then I must be ancient. You don’t give yourself enough credit, that was very well done. I’ve only tried poaching an egg once and it did fall apart. Maybe, I didn’t put in the vinegar?

And from one Southern girl to another, I didn’t notice an accent! :-)

Next up, the

Flip Video Ultra

This one goes to – Tessa at Handle the Heat! Please email me by Friday so that I can mail you the camera!

2010/10/21 at 4:41 am

Sea Salt Caramel Brownies!! I actually recently made dulce de leche brownies and thought salt would have been a perfect touch. Great giveaway, I’ve been lusting for a flip cam.

Thank you to everyone who entered to win! And, in case you haven’t entered already, there is a $100 Visa Giftcard Giveaway on my site, courtesy of Blogher – check it out!!

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