Let’s Do Brunch…and a Giveaway

Well, it’s upon us again, folks. Holiday Season. The season of having family traipsing in and out of your house, rummaging through your medicine cabinets, wearing your $119 house slippers out to their car when they think you aren’t looking, when in fact, you are merely hiding in your room, shaking, thinking of diving out the second story window.


Okay. Then ‘tis the season of cooking. Massive amounts of cooking. Can you name one thing, other than weddings and funerals, that bring families together more than FOOD? I can’t. Food is a thing to be enjoyed, to be created together, to be eaten TOGETHER. (I know, you wish he wouldn’t put his giant smelly feet in your slippers, but I’m sure he has his reasons.) Join together this holiday season and enjoy the food and the company. They’ll be gone before you know it, in more ways than one.

Sure, we all do Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners. But – what about the day after? The day before? You still have to eat, right? Instead of all piling into the cramped kitchen for two meals, just combine breakfast and lunch. Have BRUNCH. it’s easier, and besides, it’s BETTER. You can still have bacon and eggs, but you also get dessert and sandwiches if you want. Win-win here.

The main thing is – keep it easy. No need to break out the Hollandaise recipe if you don’t want to. A simple pan of bacon and sausage, a few omelets, some toast, biscuits…these are staples. It wouldn’t hurt to have a nice fruit tray as well. Everyone loves strawberries, bananas, and an orange slice or two. Plus, it looks festive, and involves little to no work on your part.

Now, what you make is up to you, but keep in mind, not everyone there at the table really needs a ton of butter. In fact, I bet you know who should and shouldn’t be eating the butter at all. So, play fair, and don’t single them out, or make it to where they can’t enjoy the fine spread you’ve laid out the same as everyone else. Yes – use butter in those signature dishes of yours that you know and love. But at least consider an alternative for frying, for spreading, and for coating those popover pans. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is a great butter alternative in this regard, as it has 70% less saturated fat than butter, as well as no cholesterol or hydrogenated oils. Cutting back in these areas will make for an easy change, and a healthier option you can feel good about providing.

I’m not a huge fan of spreads. I’m just not. But, flavorwise, ICBINB packs a pretty buttery punch, and I doubt Uncle Cholesterol is going to notice you swapped out the butter. And, Cousin 16 Inch Waister will be able to eat a few pancakes without muffin topping her size double zero skinny jeans. Grandpa won’t have to get a lecture from Grandma (well, that may be unavoidable), and in general, the whole family will be one big happy (ish) conglomerate again. Until it’s time for the football game, that is, and I’m afraid no amount of butter or spread is going to get you through that one. Here are a few recipes of mine from my own brunch I think you will enjoy, and you can sub out the butter with equal amounts of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter if you like. Definitely try the popovers – people will think you are a rockstar. Seriously.

To help you lay out this feast of a brunch, my friends at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter have graciously offered their assistance. Up for grabs is a wonderful NON-stick Cuisinart skillet (they sent me one too, and let me tell you – it is AWESOME), a HUGE spatula, perfect for flipping pancakes, some helpful tips and healthy recipes, a VIP coupon for ICBINB, and – a $25 gift card to pick up some groceries for your meal. Nice, huh?

Of course it is.

Now, you want to win this prize pack, I know. To do so, I’d like you to leave me a comment here, letting me know what, if any, way you have made small changes to your family menu planning, such as using ICBINB, to accommodate those who could use a little assistance? Did you see a recipe over on the ICBINB website you think would fit the bill?Have you taken it a step further, and used a healthier spread IN your baked goods? Want to share a recipe? Feel free!

I will be choosing a winner at random on Monday, November 15 at noon, EST. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook (you can do both easily over there on the right hand side of my page) because I tend to shout out secret bonus entries on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry kids, only US residents can play this time.

Okay – Go! Comment! Share a recipe! Hide your slippers!

*Disclaimer – ICBINB provided me with a similar prize pack, but the thoughts and opinions here are my own.

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