Holiday Cake Class

On Saturday, I had my first “Holiday” Intro to Cake Decorating Class. cakeclassholiday

Instead of the typical “flowers piped onto an unadorned cake with simple shell border class” offered by so many places, we took a holiday theme and ran with it. I taught them the ribbon buttercream technique, how to ice smoothly, how to scratch designs into the sides using the plastic cake comb, oversized star tip icings, shell and rope borders, and even piped Christmas Trees. One lovely brought gingerbread men, which she dipped in chocolate and placed around her cake, which was really cute, and then she also did a second cake, covered in chocolate and peppermints and topped it with a chocolate tree. Another gorgeous cake was the one done in entirely ribbons of buttercream – which I am a fan of. It’s so elegant and tasteful for any time of year, and can be decorated with chocolate curls, or berries, or flowers – just so pretty. Then we had two different takes on a similar theme: One a wintery while cake with icy blue details, and one a two toned green cake with lots of snowy sugar sprinkles. I loved both of those cakes!

I am considering hosting another Holiday Cake class, so please email me if you are interested. I can do a private class (even in your own home, if you prefer, for 4-8 people), or, you can sign up for a 4 hour course held here in the next couple of weeks. Just let me know!

Hope you have a great week!cakeclassladies

PS – Thanks to Jenn, Missy, Leslie, and Kim for a great class – I really enjoyed having you ALL! (Yes, even you, Leslie. 🙂 )

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