Merry Meaty Christmas

There has been quite a bit of debate recently over the grain fed versus grass fed beef industry.  Each side has valid points:  The grass fed viewpoint claims a more humane lifestyle, a more flavorful meat, and a healthier, less fatty alternative.  The grain fed viewpoint offers lower pricing, easier access, and claims a more tender cut of beef.

I am not here to debate, or take sides, and if you ask me, each side has valid viewpoints.

What I am here to do is tell you about my experience with US Wellness Meats…a GIVEAWAY and opportunity for YOU to win $100 worth of their products!


US Wellness Meats offers top quality Grass Fed Beef, and other Grass Fed Meats, such as chicken, pork, and other meat products.  Their website is amazingly informativeReally.  You could spend HOURS there learning about the different grades of meat, as well as the different cuts.  They are passionate about their products and their farmers, and the way they do business.  They do not cut corners, and my experience with them was absolutely top notch.

I placed an order around mid-day on a Tuesday, and the next day, there was a cooler of meat on my front porch.  For free.  The shipping was 100% FREE.  I was impressed with the packing – everything was vacuum sealed and surrounded by freezer packs to ensure safe shipping.  Nothing had even started thawing in the least!uswm1

I ordered NY Strips, All Beef Hot Dogs, Lean Ground Beef, T- Bones, and some beef sticks, among a few other things.  Now, I am NOT a Beef Stick girl.  They taste so – icky.  Like preservatives.  Like truck drivers and a processing plant.  But the Beef Sticks from US Wellness Meats were phenomenal.  Seriously!  They were full of MEATY flavor and an-ungummy texture, which I appreciated.  Unlike your typical beef stick, these WILL go bad, so it is best to keep them refrigerated until you are ready to eat them…but we hardly had a chance to let them age we ate them so quickly!  Seven was a HUGE fan.  HUGE!  For 3 days in a row all he wanted for breakfast was a beef stick.  Imagine that!  I love that they are nitrate free – but they are also free of MSG and other preservatives…what a healthy snack!

I was also thrilled with the quality of the T-Bones.  So that we could experience the taste full on, we added nothing to them but a bit of salt and pepper before cooking them over an open fire pit.  They were so thick and juicy, and very tender, despite my preconception of what grass fed beef would be.  I assumed that since the fat content was lower, the tenderness would be affected – but not in this case, and not with this company.

Overall, I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the entire US Wellness Meats experience, from the helpful customer service, the incredible website, the huge range of product, and the dedication and attention to detail…all for a surprisingly affordable grass fed option.  Not everywhere in America has the ability to have local grass fed meat, so US Wellness Meats is a wonderful resource for those out there that are dedicated to what the grass fed movement is all about.  I highly recommend it!uswm2

Who wants Meat?

Now – here is the best part.  US Wellness Meats has offered one lucky DoughMessTic Reader the opportunity to try out their products for themselves, just in time for the Holidays!  $100 to spend online at their site, to purchase WHATEVER you choose!  How about a couple of big fat steaks to ring in the New Year?  Wouldn’t that be a treat?  Well, it can be yours!

First things first, you need to follow this link to the USWM Website, and register.  It’s easy, and takes only a few seconds.  Then come back here and leave me a message, letting me know you did so.

For a second entry, either Tweet or Facebook or Post a link to this review/giveaway.  Again, return here and leave me a separate comment.

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So – there you have 3 chances to win a $100 worth of fantastic Grass Fed and/or Free Range Meats, all for a minute or two of your time.  Worth it!!  Contest is open to US Mailing Addresses only, in the 48 Contiguous states and DC.  Contest is open until December 24th at 11:59pm EST.  Winner announced Christmas Day!

Good Luck!

*Disclaimer – I was provided with samples of meat for this review and giveaway, and the thoughts reflected within are 100% my own.