It’s My Birthday…Again.

Many of you know I spent this week in New York City, having a fabulous GROWN UP adventure. I ate. I shopped. I went to THREE movies. And I ate some more. The eating was part of a bakery tour with some blogger friends you may recognize – Jenny from Picky Palate, Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod, Lori from Recipe Girl, Maggie of Three Many Cooks, and Amanda of Kevin and Amanda. It was so nice to get away and just hang out! I’ll be posting about our fun later next week!

On Wednesday night, New York was hit with a Thundersnow…AMAZING! Watching it snow from 27 floors above the city, with flashes of lightning and roars of thunder was quite an experience – as was the 15 inches of snow fall! Despite the delays, the cancellations, and the mob of stranded passengers at the airport, I actually made it home to Virginia…early!

When I walked in the house last night, I was greeted by a very surprised husband and son, who were expecting me MUCH later (I fibbed about getting on my flight), a counter full of dirty pots and pans, piles of sugar, butter, cake crumbs…

It would appear the boys had made me a Birthday Cake.

Typically, I make my own, and I was full on prepared to this year, too. But instead, I opened the fridge to find this:


Quite an achievement, eh?IMG_1971

Okay, yeah, there are cake crumbs in the icing. And yeah, the border could use a little improvement. But this cake – my favorite ever – is his first. He called upon the help of my friend Carrie, of Fields of Cake, to help talk him through the process. Thanks Carrie!

Three tiers, all from scratch (well, scratch-ish – he used modified box mixed cake) and he used a PIPING BAG and TIPS. Food coloring. Extract. A LEVELER and supports.


Not too shabby from a surveyor/hunter/Carhartt wearing mountain man and a three year old sous chef. Thanks Boys!

I can’t wait to dig in. I hear it’s vanilla and devils food. I’ll let you know how it is! Until then, have a great Friday…I intend to!

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