Seven Day Scramble…February 27

It was a busy week here at Doughmesstic! In case you are just checking in, here’s what you missed…

This Week’s Posts

On Monday, we started the week with something a little different around here – HEALTHY FOOD. Oatmeal with Pears & Granola. It’s so rare to find something GOOD for you on my site, I really appreciate the warm welcome! This oatmeal had the benefit of crisp fresh fruit and the great texture of added granola. This flavorful breakfast has become a new favorite of mine, so expect to see a few more oatmeal recipes popping up here from time to time!

Next up was a post not about food, but family. Most of you know I am the mother of a 3 year old, and Tuesday’s post was a review of the different technologies we are exposing him to. From the Wii, to the iPhone, the computer and online Pre-School gaming, as well as handheld games. We also had an honest view of potty training trials…and I got lots of positive reinforcement on my efforts. If you are a new mom, definitely look at the helpful comments I received – you’ll find a wealth of information!

Friday I tackled the Potsticker, my new favorite appetizer and entrée all in one. Incredible filling, wrapped in homemade dough versus the wonton wrapper. I received a lot of feedback on these little goodies, and even had an expert email me a video of how to make them a little more easily. How’s that for social networking? I love this job!

Finally, to wrap up the week, I posted the most delicious and easy crepe recipe. I filled mine with chocolate chips, strawberries and bananas, but this simple recipe just begs to be played with! Add other fruits, jams, even bacon and eggs if you want! Or, turn it into dessert and fill it with ice cream…the possibilites are endless! From start to finish, you’ll have less than 20 minutes involved, so whip up this quick recipe anytime your short on time but need an impressive result! You’ll be so glad you did!

On the Agenda

Have you heard of Malanga? You’re about to! After noticing this strange looking tuber in our local Food Lion, I decided it was high time to experiment and make Malanga mainstream!

Looking for a nice, rich, chewy gooey chocolate chip cookie recipe? I’ll be showcasing my favorite go-to recipe for those days when I want something special but don’t want to take a chance on something new. This recipe has yet to fail me…and I think you’ll love it!

Tired of having your kids reject your attempts at something other than mac & cheese for dinner? Then you may appreciate this Stuffed Peppers recipe. I think you’ll be surprised at what makes these so kid-friendly, so stay tuned!

I hope to round the week out with a recap of our family trip to Baltimore, where we spent a day at the National Aquarium. We were there for HOURS. In fact, we completely wore out poor little Seven. Later that evening at dinner, he crawled into my lap for a hug, and promptly passed out dead asleep. Good times!

Latest Cake

Some readers seems to enjoy seeing my latest cake creations, so I thought I’d share this one. It was a birthday cake for a two year old little boy, whose parents threw him a Fireman Themed Birthday Party. It fed 40-50, and the flavors were Strawberry Shortcake and Devils Food Cake with Cheesecake Buttercream and Caramel. Good stuff!


I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing you back here all week!

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