Why Not to Eat Your Children

There are two main reasons a mother wants to consume their child.

One, the child is sweeter than pudding, and far less fattening.  Two, the child is the devil, and must be eliminated.  Oftentimes, the two happen almost simultaneously. It’s a struggle. My Seven is a true combination of both. Sweet and Devil.


But luckily, on the days when I am at my wits end with his behavior, like today, when he has shaken up the Windex to the point it is spewing and is now sticking the nozzle into his ears and nose (he’ll stop, right? Even if I don’t cease my typing?) and is running laps around the house swinging the golf club at the bugs, dogs, and my face, I can look back on my blog and see the moments when we were best buddies. Cooking in the kitchen, learning to make brownies, stirring cake batter, and shaping gingerbread houses. Sure, he’s a little rambunctious, but I love that little devil.

Here are a few of my favorite kitchen memories…

Making Brownies…and so full of great ideas.

Probably my most favorite video…he was barely one at the time. Just watching this one makes me want to eat him right now.


And just think – had I eaten him 2 years ago, what would I be doing today? I obviously have nothing better to do than remove Windex nozzles from small body cavities.

SO…what are YOU doing today?

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