Seven Day Scramble…April 3, 2011

I’m not sure I can fit everything in to one post it’s been such an eventful week! But, here goes nothing…

Posts you may not have seen…

imageI did a Guest Post for Michelle, the force behind the popular blog BrownEyed Baker while she was off to Florida celebrating her birthday. Michelle has wonderful creations, and you should definitely check her out! For my guest post, I created Mango Berry Macarons, the perfect cookie for spring. Take a look!

imageimageI am also writing now for a fantastic online magazine – BlogCritics, which is a division of Technorati. My first article there has been well received – Chocolate Covered Cherry Muffins, filled with sweetened cream cheesy goodness! If you decide to head over to the post, please leave a comment and show the magazine I have a friend or two…I really would appreciate it!

imageOn the topic of Guest Posting, please take a peek at the guest post Brandi of BranAppetit did for me while Seven and I were at the beach this week – Cookie Stuffed Blondies. They look and sound absolutely amazing! Brandi is a real sweetheart, and is from here in my neck of the woods, believe it or not! She and I will be carpooling it down to Atlanta together in May, and throwing the RockHer Bash as well. I’m so glad to know her, and I think you’ll love her, too!

Recent Cakes

First up – a ball cap cake for a great guy I am proud to have in our family. Rumor has it he refused to cut into it, so that he can keep it. That may be taking it a bit too far, but what a compliment! This cake was double fudge cake with Irish Cream Buttercream, covered in fondant. All of the seams were made using a rolling tool, and the air vents were made using various piping tips. The patches were made using edible markers… and I did everything in my power to make it look beat up and worn – just as any good ball cap would be! Hope you had a happy birthday, John!


cap2 capcu

Next up was a special girls 13th birthday cake. Pink and green and covered in her initials…I hope she liked it!


Finally we have a Winter Wonderland wedding cake. 4 layers and fed nearly 200, all buttercream covered in a ton of decorative sugar to make it glisten. Mixed in with the silver vining and snowflakes was a bit of blue sanding sugar, and she made a topper out of family bells – a really nice and very personal touch, I think!


News to Me…

imageRockHer Blogger bash is finalized our amazing sponsor list…and if you are going to BlogHer Food in Atlanta, you NEED to be on this invite list. Not only is the party itself going to be phenomenal (think games, drinks, lots of food –image even a concert!) there will be around 30 AMAZING doorprizes up for grabs! Everything from Le Creuset cookware, to a kickin’ KitchenAid Mixer, to Keurigs…it’s a mind blowing list! Register online now to secure your spot – we only have room for 200!

The BIG news of the week for me was that on Friday, I was part of an exclusive conference call with Guy Fieri! I was able to ask him a few questions, get info on his upcoming book and “stellar” tour…all info I intend to provide you in the next few days because I KNOW you will want to know! Stay tuned!

Upcoming Posts…

Start paying attention folks, there are a LOT of great giveaways on the horizon, from ManPans to Le Creuset. I’m gearing up for my big trip to the Culinary Institute in New York in about a week, so I am making sure I leave you with lots of goodies while I am away!

I intend to kick off the week with a Le Creuset Giveaway tomorrow – it’s gorgeous, folks! I’ll also be sharing a simple but delicious side recipe along with it, followed later in the week with a review of the many Ripley Attractions in Myrtle Beach, and later on, an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that has made us gain way too much weight here at Casa Doughmesstic! I hope you’re ready!

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